BRIDE & Bunny Winner

Stacey KayneThank you to everyone who stopped in to share their Easter memories and traditions.  I truly enjoyed reading every post and appreciate that so many took the time to take part.  For anyone needing to draw random numbers, I used this great site:  You plug in the number range, and it gives you random numbers!  Four have been drawn….BRIDE & Bunny



It must be true what they say, the Early Bird gets the worm, ‘er, book *g* 

 Congratulations to Majolein!!!  

You’ve won the spring butterfly bunny, a signed copy of BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON, a GUNSLINGER’S UNTAMED BRIDE beaded bookmark and postcard!    

Runner-up winners for the specially beaded bookmarks and postcards for THE GUNSLINGER’S UNTAMED BRIDE are: 

Karin Tillotson   ~   Janet  R.   ~  Tanya Hansen





Please email your snail-mail address to:


Thanks again to all who added to the fun memories!!!

 Happy Easter Blessings!  

More than Easter bunnies
And chocolate eggs galore
Is the cross of Calvary
The sacrifice of our Lord
For Jesus is the reason
We all can celebrate
And come to Him to freely receive
His love and saving grace
By M.S.Lowndes

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3 thoughts on “BRIDE & Bunny Winner”

  1. Congratulations, Majolein! You won the grand prize. Also, celebrations are in order for Karen Tillotson, Janet R, and Tanya Hanson. Yea!!

    Stacey, thanks for sharing that random number generator site. That’s very helpful.

  2. Congratulations, Majolein, Karin, Janet R., and Tanya!!

    Thanks again for a great blog, Stacey, and have a wonderful and blessed Easter, everyone!!

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