What’s in a Name?

linda-sig.jpgWith a pregnant niece and several daughters of friends who are in the family way, my thoughts turned to baby names this week. It’s really tricky naming your offspring these days. You have to avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or that might make your child a target of ridicule. You have to pay attention to what initials they’ll have. Bullies look for the smallest things they can use to make your child miserable. Parents have to make baby2.jpgsure the first and last names go together and not create something weird like Ann Teak or Eve Ada or Ima Hogg. Childish names also cause problems, names like Bunny, Barbie, or Bambi. They  might sound cute when the child is little but I can’t even imagine a professional businesswoman named Bunny or Bambi. I doubt she’d get much respect.

When I named my children (Kevin, Melinda, and Lori) I didn’t think of all these things. Maybe I should’ve spent more thought even though everything turned out all right. The thing is they positively hate their names. There were umpteen Kevins and Melinda is too old-fashioned. I don’t exactly know what Lori has against her name. It’s hip, short, and easy to spell. Plus, there really weren’t that many out there at the time.

baby3.jpgI’ve always hated my name because every class in school had at least three other Lindas. I think half of the girls around the time I was born (nevermind what year that was) carried the name of Linda. And another bad thing is that I didn’t even get a half good middle name either.

So, I went looking to see what the top names were in certain years. In 1888, they were mostly Biblical names. The top five of each gender were:

Mary                 John

Sarah                William

Elizabeth          James

Emma              George

Margaret         Charles

And in 2006, the girls took boy names:

Madison           Jacob

Taylor              Daniel

Abigail             Andrew

Hannah           Michael

Samantha       Ethan

baby1.jpgAnd names these days are spelled really weird. Jacob is Jakob; Michael is Mikal; Derrick is Deric; Cindy is Cyndi; Katie is Cady; and Asia is Asia’h. Two of my granddaughters are named Bayleigh and Emilee instead of Bailey and Emily. I guess change is what the world’s all about. It doesn’t really matter to anyone except the kids who have to wear the darn names. I’ve heard of people who don’t name their kids at all. They wait until the child is old enough and let him pick out his own name. Maybe that’s the way to go. Then the child can’t blame anyone but themselves if they don’t like what they choose. Heaven forbid more angst!

So, what’s in a name? Are you happy with yours or do you wish you had another? Or what about your children’s names?   

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56 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. LOL we must be the same age because I too went to school with at least 3 Linda’s. I’m a Jeanne and I like my name but no one ever spells it right (i) and some pronounce it like Jean and teachers always told me they didn’t want my nickname which it wasn’t.

    I have two girls – April (born in May) and Alysa (born in April) – yeah if I had only known… They both like their names but I’m afraid my youngest never gets hers pronounced right or spelled right. I was trying to find names that there were no nicknames – wrong – April got called Ape (HORRORS).

  2. I didn’t especially care for my name when I was
    quite young: Patricia. I think it was because
    I didn’t care for my nicknames. One side of the
    family called me Patsy Ann and the other side
    called me Patty. In one high school English class,
    there were five of us: three Patricias and two
    Patsys! It took almost a whole class hour to figure out who would be called what. Guess who wanted to be called Pat, but ended up Patricia!!
    We tried to be careful in naming our children.
    We didn’t want a junior, so we named our eldest
    after my husband but called him by his middle
    name. Second son goes by his first name and our
    daughter was named Mary but uses the nickname I
    gave her. She is called Missy after one of my favorite soap stars of the day. We even had a
    phone call asking to speak to “Melissa” because
    they thought that was her name!

    Pat Cochran

  3. I too had alot of Sherry’s in my class. The thing was my mama actually named me Chérie but the hospital spelled it wrong. You know on second thought Sherry was better. That name would never have went over in the redneck town I live in. My sister’s name is Mary Ann (boy does she hate that).

    I have 2 new great nieces Karin Elizabeth and Linsey Hope. Notice the spelling these young kids can think up some weird ways to spell.

    My Dad has so many boys named James they all had to go by middle names or nicknames.

    Sorry didn’t mean to be so long. Well I am off to the printing shop talk to you fillies later

  4. My first and middle names are actually Holly Raye.(Taryn Raye being my pen)

    I’ve always loved my name because it was different. My mom always said if I’d been a boy my name would’ve been Clayton Dale. Since my parents only had two girls, my sister ended up with Shannon Dale- Dale being my dad’s middle name. I’m not sure how my sister feels about her name, but I don’t remember there being too many Holly’s in my grade,…in fact…I might’ve been the only Holly. My sister though, who’s younger, had several Holly’s in her classes.

    Of course my mom always said that when she and my dad were picking names, he jokingly said they could name me Huckleberry and when my sister came along, they joked about naming her Sha-Na-Na. (VERY popular show that I STILL remember!)

    When it came to my daughter…I had my heart set on a name combination I came up with years ago when I was making up character names and I decided I liked it so well, I couldn’t use it in a novel, but for a daughter- if I had one. Dakota Shyanne. We call her Koty though. Or Kotybug or Koko or just plain Ko.

    If she’d been a boy her name would’ve been Matthew Logan.

  5. I like my name, but I don’t love it. I was always the only Andrea in school until high school, where there was only one other. It’s not a very romantic name . . . I don’t know of any “Andrea”s in romance novels. LOL

    My kids have easy to spell names. My son’s name is Dylan (my hubby’s name starts with a “D”) and my daughter’s name is Abby, short for Abigail. I love their names and so do they. 🙂

  6. I have never much liked my name..as it is a fairly common one, however..the spelling is a bit different I suppose…Legally, my name is spelled MelissIa…I have never used the “I” though. My middle name is Sue…as a child..I hated this name..as an adult I love it because Sue was my mother’s name and she died in 1997..so.it’s like I still have her with me in name!

    My children’s names are not unique by far..however the spelling of my oldest’s is.. her name is Savanna….with NO “H”! My youngest is Hannah… a common name, however..their middle names are chosen for their uplifting and positive meanings….Savanna HOPE and Hannah GRACE and if I ever have another girl..her middle name will be FAITH!

    My girls’ names rhyme, so..if I do have another I’ll try for a name that goes well with their names!

  7. I was born during the time Rebecca was common. I always hated my name and wanted to go by my middle name, which is Leah. I do like that my name isn’t spelled like all of the other Rebecca’s out there. My parents went for the old biblical spelling, so I’m Rebekah and my sister is Sarai. I feel sorry for my sister because no one could pronounce her name and alway called her sorry in school.

    My kids names are Chloe, Brennen, and Koltin. I like them all except for Koltin, but he was named by my husbands grandmother. They were born on the same day so our gift to her was naming him. Brennen hates his name because no one can pronounce it. All of his friends call him Brendon, so he has asked if he can change his name to that. My friend named her daughter Echo and it was really funny hearing her yell Echo in the middle of the mall because her daughter ran off.

  8. The only problem I have with my name, Pamela Ann is that I get called ‘Pat’!

    My mom is Pat, I’m Pam.

    I’ve been called Pam, Pammy, and P-Pam (by my grandfather only!) which is fine compared to some of the other things I was called as a child…you’re right, children can be cruel.

    It’ my last name Thibodeaux that gets butchered all the time LOL!

    The correct pronounciation is Tibado (short a & long o)

    I wanted to name my daughter Alesha Carol, but my husband insisted on Carol Ann, which we changed to Karol Ann….If I’d thought 1/2 a minute longer it would be Karole Anne.

    I love the middle name Mae and have called many girls their first name with Mae even though that was not their middle name….Kayla Mae, Lila Mae.

    However, my granddaughter is Bryanna Mae 🙂

    I like names a little different but it does sometimes make life difficult for the recepient of that name. For instance, I can’t just go buy my daughter anything with the name Karol, its always spelled Carol and I’m sure not many have spelled brianna – bryanna, but she’s named after her daddy, bryan.

    So I guess there’s a downside to anything….it’s all in how you look at it. 🙂

    Great discussion!

  9. Linda, first i love the little pictures on the post. My name is Lori as well and I too ask my mother why she named me that and she replied just as you did there wasn’t alot of people with that name and it was easy to spell. I made a big mistake by not checking the spelling of my youngest daughters name before we done her birth certificate because people at the school and Dr.’s office always spell it different, her name is Pricillia yes i know i forgot the s (Priscillia) and my daughter use to say i sure wish mommy had known how to spell when i was born. I told her i meant to spell it that way so it wouldn’t be like other people’s and she said no they think i don’t know how to spell my name so i tell them my mom couldn’t spell when i was born. Gotta love kids they’re funny!

  10. Pam, my last name is a killer, too. It doesn’t look like it but Connealy is ALWAYS spelled wrong and ALWAYS pronounced wrong. In fact I had to get the Barnes & Noble website to spell my name right just the other day.
    I’m used to it and don’t mind except, in three books my name was right on their site and in one it was wrong, so my fourth book didn’t show up when the others did. Like it was written by another author.
    Honestly, if anyone EVER pronounces and spells my name correctly I immediately know they’ve known another Connealy.
    Connealy rhymes with and has the same stress syllables as: Oh, Really.
    Honest it does.

  11. And as for Mary…well, does anything need to be said? In high school I got so I didn’t even answer to my name because there were so many of them. And no one wanted to talk to me anyway.

    The one weird thing about Mary is, NO ONE is named that anymore. I’ve got a friend who works in Medical records for a small but not TINY hospital in Iowa. She said that, in twenty-five years keeping medical records she has never recorded a new baby girl named Mary.
    How weird is that???

    When that baby on Three Men and a Baby was named Mary, I thought, okay, here we go, the name will catch on again.

  12. I’ve got four daughters and of the four, the one who posts here sometimes, Wendy, is the best name.

    It’s common yet rare. Make sense?
    Everyone can spell it and pronounce it, and yet she’d almost never met another Wendy, and yet it’s a fairly cool name.
    I mean sure Gertrude, everyone can spell and pronounce that too, but no one names their kids that. I do have an older cousin Gertrude though and we call her Trudy and that’s a fine name.

  13. Hi Jeanne! Glad to see you this morning. I’m wondering how you pronounce your name. I had thought it was Jean. Sorry. I know it probably sounds crazy to you that people pronounce it wrong more often than not. And with the weird spellings these days it gets really hard to know how to say a person’s name.

    I think Alysa is a very pretty name, but I can imagine the things it gets called. And poor April earning the nickname of Ape! Oh my gosh, the poor thing. I was called Red a lot and I hated that.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi Patricia, boy you have a lot to sort out! You sure understand getting lost in a crowd of others the same name. And it’s strange (and horrible sometimes) when our middle names get dragged into the mix. People call me Linda Lou just out of spite because they know I hate it. But usually teachers just ended up calling all us Lindas by our last names too.

    That’s strange about your Mary and callers asking to speak to Melissa. lol And yeah, I named my son after his father but we called him by his second name. Classmates at school actually called him K.C. — the last part of his initials and he liked that.

    Glad you stopped by to comment. 🙂

  15. Sherry, hope you have a good day in your printing shop. That must be fun. I see I’m not alone in getting lost in a crowd. I didn’t know there was an abundance of Sherrys. It sure does run into a problem. But, I’m glad you liked it better than Cheri’e.

    And all those Jameses in your dad’s family. Reminds me of George Foreman who had all those boys and named every single one of ’em George. My gosh, they must’ve had a bunch of problems! I can’t imagine. I’m sure they never felt as if they had a personal identity. They were just part of a herd. lol

  16. Morning, Taryn! I love the name Holly. It just kinda rolls off your tongue and makes you smile. I’m glad you got a good name. Your daughter’s name is very unusual. I love that–Dakota Shyanne. I wonder though if she’ll like it when she gets big enough. I bet she sure won’t like being called Kotybug. Ha! 🙂 But if the Kota sticks that’s kinda neat. There’s a newsanchor on NBC with the name Hoda. Not sure if that’s a nickname or her real name, but it’s unusual. Plus she’s so pretty it probably doesn’t matter.

    A lot of writers think of the most unusual names because we need character names that stand out above the rest.

    Hope you have the most fantastic day! Happy writing.

  17. Andrea W, thanks for coming by to comment. While you don’t exactly love it, I’m glad you don’t hate your name. There was an Andrea in my high school who was extremely popular and just gorgeous. I’ve always associated her with the name everytime I hear it. And wasn’t Sylvester Stallone’s wife’s name Andrea in his Rocky movies? I think so.

    You must’ve been really on top of this naming game when your children were born. I’m glad both of them love their names. You did good, girl! 🙂

  18. I don’t mind my name and I like my middle name, Earline, after my dad (Earl). Mom said she was looking for a short first name to go with my middle and Lynn was all she came up with. She only knew one Lynn at that time and wasn’t particularly fond of her! For being a common name it’s really not that common. Despite growing up in a large town, I don’t remember having any other Lynns in my grade until I moved to a small town for high school. The funny thing is, we lived next door to each other for at least three years!

    My last name gets screwed up alot too, Ristau. For some reason people always want to turn the “u” into an “N” and make my name Ristan. Maybe I should change it to the spelling a different branch of the family took and go with Risto-but I don’t pronounce the name that way, my branch pronounces it ris-tah. Oh well. I did have a dispatcher that always wanted to make me French instead of German, she always spelled my name Risteau.

  19. What a fun blog, Linda. When I was growing up I hated my name. All the cute girls had cute names like Sherry or Debbie or even my little sister Patsy. I wanted a cute name. In grade school I got dubbed “Lizard”. No fun at all.
    But I like my name now, it’s a classic, and I go by the whole thing–no nicknames, unless someone insists on calling me Liz.
    FWIW Elizabeth Lane is my real name–actually my married name. I was already publishing at the time of my divorce, and I wanted also to keep the same name as my children. My children, Scott, Tanya and Teresa, all liked their names.
    Something that really bugs me is having a historical character with a contemporary, trendy-sounding name. My character names tend to be very traditional.

  20. Hi Melissa D! I happen to like your name. There’s a lot you can do with it. I don’t blame you though for taking out the “I.” That would’ve made it really hard to pronounce. I pity the teachers these days. And I think Savanna and Hannah are just precious! You also gave them great second names. Good for you. 🙂

  21. Rebekah, yes you have an old Biblical name but it’s solid and I like it. Leah goes really well with it. I wonder if anyone ever called you Becca? I’ve always thought that was so cute. Your poor sister though. I can see how she’d be teased. It must’ve been sheer hell for her growing up. Kids can be so mean. And I can’t believe your friend naming her daughter Echo. Lord have mercy! That poor child. She has a hard time ahead.

    Thanks for dropping by to comment! I enjoyed hearing you weigh in.

  22. Names! What a great topic. While most people know me by Joyce, that’s actually my middle name. When I was in 3rd grade (before God made dirt), there were seven Barbara’s in my class. Teacher asked who would be willing to go by another name. I said, I will. There are a few in my family who still call be Barbara but most call me Joyce, as do my friends. I won’t tell you what my family nickname is. (Although a stripper might adopt the nickname.) 🙂

    When I named my kids I never gave it a thought. My first is Vonda Dee, rare at that time. Initials: VD Then I had a son, Mark Douglas.
    Initials: MD. Hum. 🙂 When my third came along rather than spell Colleen as everyone does, I spelled it Coleen, which is actually pronounced differently. And Coleen has had no end to irritation having to say, not Co…leen It’s Col…een.

    Robert has remained quite common through out generations, at least in our family. My husband is Robert, son-in-law and his father are Robert, my brother-in-law and his father are Robert. All are called Bob except son-in-law…Rob, and brother-in-law…Bobby.

    The old cliche fits in my family. “Call me anything, just don’t call me late for dinner.”

  23. Hi Pamela S! Yeah, kids can be horrible to each other, especially when they know it’s getting to the person. I tried not to ever let anyone know how much I hated being called Linda Lou, but I suspect they knew anyway because they kept right on.

    And in the case of Bryanna, which is a cute great name, it will probably be impossible to find personalized jewelry or trinkets. But with the weird spellings these days a lot of kids will be in the same boat.

    You have the same problem I do with the pronounciation of our last names. I can only imagine what some people have called you. Thibodeaux sounds French or Creole. I think it’s neat. But Broday (which is actually pronounced Brodie) gets called Broadway and Broaday, plus other things I don’t care to mention. It’s really a made up name. Orginally, it was Broka. A very common German name. My husband’s grandfather decided to change it after WWI broke out. He didn’t want anyone to know he was German, so he made up the name Broday. I think a lot of people changed their names back then.

    Hoping you have a great day, Pamela! 🙂

  24. Hi Lori! Loved the story about your daughter, Pricillia. Just tell her she can legally change the spelling when she wants. We do the best we can. We can’t always be perfect or spell things just right. Just wondering, does your daughter get called Prissy a lot? 🙂 Glad you liked my little baby pictures on the blog. I thought they were darling too.

  25. Linda actually when one of her little girlfriends get’s upset with her she’ll call her prissy potty it makes her so made so she call’s her friend Vermon Veronica for pay back LOL !

  26. Hi Mary, my sister Filly! Mary was almost as common as Linda, huh? And my maiden name was as unpersonal as Linda was–Smith. Later, when I was dating and boys asked my name they thought I was lying when I said Linda Smith. It could’ve definitely been a common alias. lol Smith and Jones. Actually, my grandmother’s maiden name was Jones and she married Robert Smith. Too funny. We’re a family of aliases! I was so thrilled when I married a Broday. I thought finally I can be a real person. But, no one can pronounce it. The same with your last name Connealy. I’m sorry though, but your name is hard to spell. I never know whether to give it two n’s or two l’s.

    You did good naming your daughters. I like Wendy and Trudy. And yeah, they’re simple but there aren’t a million of ’em around every corner.

    Don’t despair over no Mary’s being named these days. It’ll come back around. My sister-in-law is Mary Margaret and I’ve always liked that name. Mary is good solid Biblical name. I’ll bet it’s mentioned more often in the Bible than any other. And Mary gave birth to Jesus. 🙂

  27. Hi Elizabeth! Oh goodness, and I thought being called “Red” was horrible! I don’t know how those kids got Lizard out of Elizabeth. Just stick to your guns and insist on no nicknames. The thing that comes to mind when I see Elizabeth is a sultry movie star like Elizabeth Taylor. I’ll bet no one ever called her Lizard! Your children have great names, BTW. And your last name really does sound writerly. Don’t blame you for keeping it.

    It bugs me too when I see a modern sounding name for a historical character. It takes me right out of the story, no matter how good it is. I think writers should stick with the era in which they write. You’ve brought up a legitimate gripe. Folks weren’t too fancy in the 1800’s and especially in the west.

    Wishing you a wonderful day! 🙂

  28. Lori, ha! how funny that your daughter calls her friend Vermon Veronica when they’re fighting! I figured your daughter might get called Prissy when you said you named her Pricillia. I think Prissy is kinda cute though. I always wanted to name a heroine Priscilla just so the hero could call her Prissy and make her mad. I never have yet though.

  29. Hi Lynn/Elsandra! Thanks for weighing in on this name subject. I think Lynn is really good name. I don’t think I know of any either. Glad you got your own identity. I never felt I had one growing up. Oh my gosh, your last name is hard to pronounce! I’d have trouble with it. I think it’d be more difficult than Broday. What a deal. We never know what people will come up with when they try to say it.

    Glad you commented today. Names seem to be an interesting subject.

  30. Hi Joyce, I never stopped to think about how many Barbaras there were back in school, but you’re right. There were a lot. I wonder if there were only three names — Linda, Mary, and Barbara used in those years. I assume we’re about the same age because I’m just a little bit older than dirt. 🙂

    Joyce is a good name though. I’m glad you had that to fall back on. My sister’s name was Janice and she hated it so she started insisting that everyone simply call her Jan. She thought Janice sounded too babyish.

    Had to laugh (I’m truly sorry) at your children’s initials. I can just imagine that your daughter got teased unmercifully. Being called VD would be the ultimate slam. MD’s not nearly so bad.

  31. I can’t believe how many times Tanya is mispelled…the hotel people at our wedding reception put “Congratulations Tonja and Tim” on the marquee. Fortunately they fixed it before I fainted dead away. I always hated my name. Misspronounced up the kazoo too. It is TAWN-yah, not TANya, like suntan. But on to modern times: our local paper ran an article recently on how the social Security registry now lists 46 different kinds of spellings for “Mackenzie.” Forty six! The weirdest one was an indecipherable: M’kezine.

    I think apostrophies have become the 27th letter of the alphabet.


  32. Fortunately, Mary, none of Vonda’s peers picked up on that because they didn’t know her middle name or her brother’s A few called her Vonda-the-Honda, but that didn’t stick or last long.

    Btw, does everyone know you, as a woman, can adopt any name you choose? I suppose men can too.
    When I was growing up, my mom and step-dad started to go through the legal process to adopt me and change my legal name to Douglas. The lawyer advised them against it. Why go to the expense, said he, she’ll change it again when she marries. (Can you imagine a lawyer today saying that?) 🙂

    Anyway, his advice was that I could use any name I chose as long as I stood behind it if anything untoward arose. So, everything, my year books, school records, etc. were all in the name of Joyce Douglas. But my diploma and marriage certificate carry my legal names, Barbara Joyce McGlothlin.

    And if you don’t think McGlothlin wasn’t a mispronounced name, think again! Everyone pronounced the more common McLaughlin. Is it any wonder I chose to be a Douglas, albeit temporary?

    I signed my name various ways, depending on what is called for. Barbara Joyce, Barbara J., B. Joyce, Joyce, B.J.. It does make it difficult for anyone to forge my name on checks or other legal documents. Which one did she use for that particular account? Ha! Gotcha, forger.

  33. Thanks Linda. Actually my daughter, being 5, thinks I gave her the PERFECT name! LOL Kotybug is what my mom and dad and sister have called her since she was a baby and she likes that, too.

    Oh I absolutely agree in regard to writers thinking of unusual names. I like to pour over my lists to find just the perfect ones that fit my characters.

    Speaking of writing- I need to get back to work on my current wip. I didn’t work on it yesterday because of my aching wrists.(Sunday I wrote over 12K…floodgates opened and I had to go with the flow) ;o)

    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  34. Tanya, I wouldn’t have thought you’d have trouble with mispronunciation or misspelling. Guess nothing is safe these days. And how on earth would anyone get Tonja out of it? Too strange. Glad the people fixed the marquee on your wedding day. My gosh! That would’ve been horrible. No telling how many different versions Social Security has of everyone’s name. I’ll bet there are some off the wall ones! Yeah, and when did using the apostrophe become such a big deal? Very strange. Makes it hard for kids to learn to spell and write their names. Do the parents not think of things like that? I don’t know.

  35. Joyce, you’re outwitting those forgers for sure! And you’re making any genealogist’s job very difficult indeed if they try to trace your family tree. lol You’re a woman of a thousand names. Ha! That’d make a good title for a book.

    Taryn, I’m glad your daughter likes being called Kotybug. But, she’s only five. Just wait. Hope you get back to your writing today. Lord have mercy, girl, you sure did get into the flow on Sunday!! Keep it up. 🙂

  36. Hi, Linda! A bit of a hot button for me! I hated my name growing up–I wanted a name that was more overtly feminine and that had cute nickname possibilities that I could dot with a little heart 😉 I’ve come to appreciate its uniqueness 🙂 I have a strong preference for the more “classic” names–Biblical or traditional (I have a soft spot for Irish names in particular), and definitely for traditional spellings. My kids may hate their names now or later–we aren’t quite there yet 😉

  37. I hated my name when I was growing up. Now that I am older I don’t think much about it. I know you don’t here of people useing the name any more.

    I only had one child and I used a Biblical name, Joseph Michael, he hates the Michael part.

    My neice just named her baby girl Charly, I feel sorry for her when she starts school. I don’t like the name at all and told my niece so.

  38. Hi Linda,
    Love your name tag! I named my son Jason 30 years ago and I knew that I’d picked a very popular name when I called his name while he played in the sandbox at the park and five male heads perked up to see what mommy was calling them!

    Nicole goes by Nikki, her choice. And her fiancee goes by Zac, instead of Zach. So I guess everyone wants some individuality. Not much I can do with Charlene, except my close friends call me Char and another friend spells her name Charleene.

    Great topic today. I love NAMES, especially when I KNOW and can picture my next hero in my story.

    Thanks for the post today!

  39. I don’t hate my name, Estella, but I think it is old fashioned.
    My daughters are named Kristin and Michelle. My sons are Paul and Forrest.
    My grandsons are Will, Micky, Riley and Jerico.

  40. It is a fascinating subject because everyone holds their name as something special. Jeanne is pronouced as in the show and song “I Dream of Jeannie” which I got a lot too lol.

  41. well Linda maybe it’s a sign that your next heroine be named Priscillia…with a S of course I’m sure you’d get the spelling right LOL

  42. Virginia, yes you do have an old name. Did anyone ever shorten it to Ginny I wonder? I’ve always liked Virginia and it was the name of one of my secondary characters in my first book. I always think of it at Christmas time and the line that goes, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa.” 🙂

    I agree that your niece’s little girl will have a hard time in school with the name Charly. Wonder what she was thinking. Or maybe she wasn’t. I hope it works out okay.

    Thanks for coming by to post a comment!

  43. Charlene, I’m glad you like my name tag. I almost forgot to use it though. It probably can stand to be a little smaller but I was too tired last night to mess with it.

    I really like your name and also your short version Char. That’s neat. I think I’d have legally changed my name way back there if I hadn’t been afraid it would’ve broken my mother’s heart. She’d have taken it personally.

    Jason is a nice boy name. I didn’t know there were an over-abundance of them. And I can’t see a problem with Nicole. I’d have been thrilled to have gotten it. Nikki is a cute nickname. I think you did really well naming your children!

  44. What a fun post, Linda! When I chose names for my boys I wanted names that weren’t overly popular and names that couldn’t be easily shortened—I was really adament about them being called by what I named them *lol* I went with Tanner and Ethan.

    Funny thing is we often call my youngest by his first and middle name, Ethan Kyle…not sure how we got into that habit–luckily, he likes both names 😉 Ethan is an old-fashioned name, and my youngest is an old soul…he’s looked at life with a muturity beyond his years since he was a tiny guy. On the first day of kindergarden his teacher sat down with us as he started to draw a picture, and so, “Oh, you draw nice circles, Ethan.” He gave her an impatient glance and said, “It’s the solar system.” and began connecting the planets *LOL* Oh, such fun 🙂 My boys are now 13 & 14, 6 ft tall, size 13 shoes…..my gosh, they grow tooo fast!!!!! Love my teens, but there are days when I miss my toddlers *ggg*

  45. Hi Estella, I’m glad you posted a comment. My day isn’t complete until you drop by. 🙂 I, too, like your name even if it is a tad old fashioned. I’m partial to the old names. I guess that’s why I write historicals. You did a wonderful job naming your children! Kristin is a nice name and I love Forrest. And your grandsons must be so cute. They have excellent names. Riley and Jerico are unusual and kinda neat.

    Thanks for taking time to leave a note. 🙂

  46. Jeanne, that was how I thought you were pronouncing your name, but wanted to ask to make sure. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Lori, yes you might be right about me naming a heroine Priscilla. I think it would be a good choice.

  47. Hi Stacey! I’m glad you liked my subject matter today. It was pretty well received by the looks of it. I never know how my subject will fit when I come up with it. But, I thought everyone has a name and either likes or hates it.

    You gave your boys some really good names. I’m wondering if you came up with them beforehand and knew that was what you were going to name them or if you waited until you saw them first. I always had a couple of choices in mind but I waited until I saw them to make a final decision. The minute I saw them I knew what their names should be and I can’t imagine calling them anything else. The names just fit them. I’m sure you wouldn’t name your two sons anything else except Tanner and Ethan. Both are wonderful names.

  48. We chose them before hand. I agonized over finding Tanner’s name. Went through books had lists of ones I liked and slowly began to whittle it down—funny thing is, Ethan was never on Tanner’s name list. Never even considered it as a favorite. And since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, we picked a girl name as well. But when I got pregnant with Ethan, the name Ethan Kyle just came to me–I never considered another name, not once. I just knew it was the one, and I never picked a girl name, even though we didn’t know for sure he’d be a boy–I just knew he’d be my Ethan Kyle 🙂 Tanner’s middle name is Domenic, which I love–and he hates. Luckily he likes his first name 😀

  49. Oh, Ethan did go through this phase, age 4-5.5, where he wanted to be called “Bill” and was seriously furious with us that we didn’t name him Bill…he was a huge fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy. *ggg* Tanner was a big fan too…but didn’t suffer the name envy 😉

  50. Stacey, isn’t it strange that we just knew what name our baby should have? I’ve always felt it was a little bit unearthly, the feeling I had when I looked in their faces and fit the names to them.

    Loved your stories of Ethan. How funny he wanted to be called Bill for a while! That’s hilarious. And also on the first day of kindergarden when he drew those circles and told the teacher it was the solar system! What a kid. He was really into science big time. I hope he never outgrew that. 🙂 Maybe someday he’ll be an Einstein or something and make tons of money and make you really proud.

  51. Lately my kids are into their guitars, drums and World of War Craft…teenagers *ggg* But we are still really proud parents 😀 Ethan says he’s considering being an orthodontist as a back-up plan to being a drummer in a rock band…so he’s keeping on the honor roll 😉 I told him the best rock bands met up in college *g*

  52. BTW Linda: I loved your story in GIVE ME A TEXAN..I forgot to add that to my comment the other day! 🙂

  53. Melissa, bless your heart! I’m so glad you read my story in Give Me A Texan and liked it. Thank you so much for making my day. Hearing readers’ comments is all the reward I need. 🙂

  54. Ive always been okay with my name,but I heard of a family who had their kid in the 70s an named him “Cocaine”Ok,now really what do you expect when you do that???That he would one day be President of The USA,guess what,he ended up in prison,an I dont know them, but I put some of that on getting a really bad start in life with a really rotten name.

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