Welcome Leap Day and More about Nuptials!

postcardleapyearbecarefulclara1908.jpgI couldn’t let this day pass without a word about Leap Day!

It it said that in the past, women had the option of chosing their mate during a leap year, but the MENFOLK decided that wouldn’t do.  Afraid of being trapped into a marriage not to their liking, they changed the tradition to one day, February 29th, every fourth year!   Babies born on leap day, have few birthdays. Most opt to celebrate their birthdays either on February 28th or March 1st, depending on what calendar they used and how close their birth was to one or another day. So ladies, today is the day … hone up your wedding proposals!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Leap Day and More about Nuptials!”

  1. Charlene, I didn’t know about that tradition where the woman got to choose their mate during leap year. How funny! I’m sure some men did put up a big fuss about it. Can’t say that I blame ’em. It sure would make a good story line though.

    Thanks for sharing this tidbit!

  2. Hi Linda- I think this tradition was instituted in the 19th Century.
    Tanya – Surely, the men could refuse and run for their lives! 🙂
    Fedora – Me too. I caught me a good one!

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