Georgina Gentry Blogs About Her Career and Funny Westerns

georgina_gentry.jpgI am delighted and honored to be asked to guest blog for Petticoats and Pistols.  Today, I want to talk about a subject that’s seldom given much attention: funny Westerns.

In my long career, I’ve met many interesting people and known a lot of writers such as Louis L’Amour (he used to live in Choctaw, Oklahoma,) and Dee Brown, author of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.  My Chickasaw Indian brother-in-law is the former head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington D.C. so I had plenty of research material to write all those Indian romances I did in the first part of my career.

Why did I change subjects? This came about because my editor commented on funny scenes in one of my serious romances and asked if I could write a series of what she called ‘Western romps.’

to_wed_a_texan_georgina_gentry.jpgI decided to give it a try and produced: To Tame A Texan, To Tempt a Texan, To Tease A Texan, To Love A Texan, and now my latest Zebra March release: To Wed A Texan.

georgina_gentry_fabio.jpgThe plot of To Wed A Texan: Cash McCally, Texan gambler, is trying to set up a championship boxing match in Dallas.  He thinks it will be a profitable cinch.  Enter Bluebonnet O’Neal Schwartz Purdy, widowed President of the Lone Star Ladies for Decency and Decorum.  This prim librarian is determined to stop this savage and uncivilized fight and enlists her ladies, the governor and the churches.

georgina_gentry_john_dsalvo.jpgBased on a little known episode of 1895 Texas history, the struggle became a hilarious spectacle.  The militia and the Texas Rangers are called out, four governors and the presidents of two countries got involved as well as Bat Masterson, Judge Roy Bean and even an African lion and a goat.

In my version, Cash decides the only way he can get the lady out of his way so he can proceed with his boxing match is to woo and seduce her.  Can  stubborn Bonnie resist his virile charm and continue her crusade?

to-love-a-texan.jpgWhich brings me to humorous Westerns; I love them but there just aren’t many out there, either in novels or movies.  I remember: Hallelujah Trail, by my old friend, Bill Gulick, The Rounders, Cheyenne Social Club, City Slickers and two starring Oklahoma native, James Garner: Support Your Local Gunfighter and Support Your Local Sheriff.

So I challenge you readers; can you think of any other funny traditional Western novels, romance novels or movies for those of us who love them?  I know there have to be some I missed, so put on your thinking caps.

georgina_gentry_sam_elliot.jpgBy the way, I want to give away two autographed copies of To Wed A Texan.  Cheryl will draw the names for me.

If you’re interested in learning more about me or want an autographed book mark, my website is: or try snail mail at: P.O.Box 162, Edmond, OK 73083

Gracias to you readers and the ladies of Petticoats & Pistols,
Georgina Gentry

P.S. Coming in 2009: To Seduce A Texan

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38 thoughts on “Georgina Gentry Blogs About Her Career and Funny Westerns”

  1. Hello Georgina!
    I can’t think of any funny western novels but I do remember the movie Maverick and then there’s Paint Your Wagon which is a musical but it’s pretty funny to see Clint Eastwood singing.

  2. What about The Villian, starring Kirk Douglas, Ann-Margaret and Arnold Schwarzenegger along with several other well-knowns. I remember watching it when I was a kid. Blazing Saddles is comedy too.

    I also found a lot of humor in True Grit and Rooster Cogburn(and the Lady). I especially love Katherine Hepburn’s sassy comebacks! :o)

  3. Good Morning Georgina Gentry! WOW!!! I have read nearly all your books. I loooooooooove your books.

    A funny western list would have to include the Apple Dumplin’ Gang.

  4. Hi Georgina,
    I love funny movies and novels, and I’m so glad to hear that you season your novels with humor. Comedy is hard to write.
    I had a funny father, and all my novels have a little humor in them — even Sanctuary and The Winter Pearl. My upcoming modern western Alyson has a lot more. But I’m afraid if I put in as many funny scenes in my novels as I would like to, they might sound like a Jerry Lewis movie. So I hold back. I would love to learn your secrets for writing humor.

  5. Hi Georgina, welcome to Petticoats and Pistols! I’m so excited to have you here. And oh man, that photo of you and Sam Eilliott! What I wouldn’t give to have been in your shoes. Bet he smelled really good. That was a chance of a lifetime. I’ve been a long-time fan of your work. You do write with lots of humor.

    I’m wracking my brain this morning trying to think of funny westerns. There was one that I can’t remember the title of but it was about mail order brides and four handsome brothers. That was a real funny one. And I loved James Garner and John Wayne. They were so funny.

    Your latest book sounds so good. I’m going to have to get to the bookstore. I know it’ll sell good. I sure wish you lots of success with it!

  6. HI Georgina,

    I have read some of your books in french and loved them 🙂 I am glad you are here today.

    I have never seen humorous westerns… I will check some of the movies on your list.

  7. I love your Texan series, but I didn’t know you also wrote Indian romances… I need to go search for them 🙂

    Thanks for blogging.

  8. I have never heard of funny western novels. I love books that make you laugh. I have read a couple of time travel books that had be sitting on the couch laughing out loud. Family kept looking at me like I was crazy and didm’t understand what I was laugh about and you just can’t explain it. I grew up watching those old westerns. Blazzing saddles, The Villian, The Beau Geste movies. In the Beau Geate movies I remember my parents would have me close my eyes during a scene but had no ideas why. Years later when I watched it as an adult I found out. The safe was in the picture of a woman and they open her blouse then I’m sure you can guess what the dial was for the safe. I laughed so hard.

    Thanks for blogging I loved reading it. It took me back to my childhood of watching old movies with my family.

  9. Morning Georgina,
    I’m on tour in New Mexico right now but wanted to write in and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your books over the years.
    I just finished a book that has more humor than any book I’ve ever written and I laughed all the way through it. It’s the third of my Whispering Mountain series and will be out in Nov. 08.
    Next time your in Texas stop by.
    Always the best to you, Jodi Thomas

  10. Well, my goodness! There’s Jodi Thomas. I do declare, I wonder what that girl is up to this morning. I didn’t know she was going to be in Wildflower Junction this morning. Ah wonder why she didn’t mention her new anthology? Miss Georgina you have more fans than the law allows! I was curious how many books you’ve published? Can you tell these wonderful readers?

  11. Georgina,

    Welcome to Petticoats and Pistols! We are so-o honored to have you with us. Few women have done for western romances what you have done.

    Thank you for being here!

  12. I can’t think of any funny western books right now, but I do enjoy a good funny book. I have read a few funny romance novels though. One I can think of right now is one by Lynsey Sands, The Perfect Wife, this book nearly crack me up reading it. It is one of those you never forget.

  13. A subject near and dear to my heart-funny western romances-because that is what I write (at least that is what I tell myself:0)).

    A really good one is Teresa Mederios’ Nobody’s Darling. I love Billy Darling and the whole dang Darling clan-they’re guaranteed to make you laugh.

  14. Hello Ladies:
    Sorry I’m so slow getting back to you. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever blogged & I just spent two hours crafting replies to each of you. Then I did something wrong & it said “error” and wiped it all out, so I’ll start again. This is difficult for a person who wrote her first 10 books in longhand on big yellow pads & then typed them on an old typewriter.
    I appreciate all your movie suggestions. Some I had seen and forgotten about, some I had never seen, so I’ve made a list.

    For Maureen: I actually had dinner in the hotel in Oregon where the stars of Paint Your Wagon stayed while filming. Lee Marvin is one of my faves. I was up there to research my Oregon Trail romance “Warrior’s Heart.”

    For Taryn: Did you know “True Grit” is on the Western Writers of America Best Western Novels list?
    For Sherry: I knew the author of Apple Dumpling Gang, Jack Bickham. He complained that they changed everything about his novel (but it was still a good movie.)

    For Molly: writing humor can be hard & some days, I can’t do it. You have to start with a funny situation like a staid librarian & up against a gambler. You can’t force it, humor has to seem like it just happened without you meaning to.

    To Jodi: Gal, we have known each other more years than I care to count. I don’t tour anymore, I hate the bad hotels and worse food. I see you are making all sorts of best-seller lists & winning stacks of awards. Congrats & well deserved!

    For Rebekah: I love the old Beau Geste movies & you reminded me I’d like to see them again.

    For Phyliss: crusty sidekicks bring back memories of Saturday matinees where I could sit all day for a dime. (Yes, I’m a lot older than most of you.) There was Smiley Burnett and all the rest. My favorite hero was Lash LaRue.

    For Natalie: Yes, my books have been published in French, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and ???

    For Felicia who wants to know how many books I’ve done? To Wed A Texan makes 27 + 4 anthologies.

    For Lily who didn’t know I wrote Indian romances: my career began in 1987 with Cheyenne Captive. I was the “new” Janelle Taylor or so my publisher said. Captive is on Kathe Robin’s list of Best Western-Indian Romances of All Time. Kathe is the reviewer at Romantic Times. I think I’ve walked every Indian battle & massacre site in America, even the Chief Joseph battleground just a few miles from the Canadian border.

    Linda asked about the photos: of course Fabio and John have been on my book covers. Sam Elliot did a movie called “You Know My Name” about famed Oklahoma lawman, Bill Tilghman. One of the many research groups I belonged to was the Oklahombres who did the research for this movie. As a reward, Sam did the world premere of this movie in Okla City and the Oklahombres were honored guests with a private party at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. He told me he is still married to Kathrine, whom he met while filming Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.
    I hope I didn’t miss anyone. Thanks to the Petticoats & Pistols ladies for inviting me to blog. This is a totally new experience for me & I’m glad to hear some of you are reading my books. I’m doing one more funny one “To Seduce A Texan” for 2009, then I may either retire or do an Indian romance or a serious romance western.
    Gracias, Georgina

  15. Hi Georgina!

    I can’t think of any funny western romance books, but how about the movie Blazing Saddles?! It never fails to make me laugh out loud! 🙂

  16. Hi Georgina:
    First of all I love your books and please don’t retire!!! I thought your story, The Great Cowboy Race was pretty funny and I certainly laughed a lot while I was reading that. Thanks for a great post today.

  17. Hi Georgina. I love your books. A western movie that I thought that had some humorous parts is Wild, Wild West.

  18. Welcome!!! I love your books!

    A film that popped into my head is one my father recently introduced me to…My Name is Nobody with Henry Fonda…it has some humorous moments.

  19. One film that is a great favorite in our family
    stars the Duke himself, John Wayne , and Maureen
    O’Hara: “McClintock.” They just don’t get much
    funnier than the mudfight scene in which the whole
    town is involved!!!

    Pat Cochran

  20. Gosh Pat, I had forgotten about McClintock, it is funny. How about The “My Name is Trinity” movies?
    How about Sam Elliott does he not have the sexiest voice in the world?

  21. My book, Petticoat Ranch is a romantic comedy historical western. Barbour wants all of my books to be romantic comedy westerns…I’m being branded. 🙂
    I’m good with that.
    It was a hard book to sell though, I tried to pitch it to editors and you’re supposed to say, “People who like (fill in the blank with author who writes in your genre) will like Petticoat Ranch. Except I couldn’t find one for the longest time.
    So, the sequel to Petticoat Ranch, Calico Canyon, comes out in August. And Calico Canyon is more of a flat out romantic comedy than Petticoat Ranch.
    I’ve got a contract to write eleven romantic comedy westerns for Barbour through 2011.
    As for Movies:
    El Dorado…John Wayne with Robert Michum as the drunk sheriff was pretty funny.
    The Son’s of Katie Elder possibly my favorite John Wayne movie, was really funny.

  22. Georgina, thank you so much for joining us in Wildflower Junction! We are honored to host your first-ever blog!

    I cringed, reading about your first reply getting wiped out. I think we’ve all done things like that. If I’m planning a big one, I usually cut and paste from a Word doc.

    Your career is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for your contribution to the genre.

  23. Hi, Georgina, coming in late to say that I’m pretty new to reading westerns, so I can’t say that I’ve read very many yet. I do love humor and would really enjoy the mix. One of the first historical romances I read was Susan Kay Law’s Marry Me, which I don’t think is a western but has maybe a bit of a western feel for me (it’s about a homesteader), and I loved her mix of romance and humor. Thanks for your post today!

  24. Well, Ladies:
    you named some more movies and funny romances I want to check out.
    Mary: you mentioned “The Sons of Katie Elder.” Did you know that movie is based on an actually family and historical event? It was the Marshall boys right here in Oklahoma that were about to be lynched and were ambushed. The two that survived actually cut their dead brothers’ feet off (not just the chain as the movie showed,) because they were all chained together at the feet.

    I am a big history buff and “know more about Western events than anyone cares about,” according to one of my sisters. That’s where I usually get my story. Besides, I own about 1000 Western research books, more than the local library, I think.
    What am I reading right now? A book on Black Plague in America. It came in on a ship in 1900 to San Francisco & is gradually spreading across the country. We had a couple of people die from it in Okla two years ago. The Center For Disease Control in Ft. Collins, Colorado, monitors it all the time. Stay away from ground squirrels & chipmunks.
    To Zaharoula: Is your name Arabic? My daughter-in-law has an Arabic name, Samira, which mean “girl with black hair.” (Yes, she has very black hair.)
    About the “Great Cowboy Race” story. I found that when I was actually in the town where the race started in Nebraska. The town hasn’t changed much in a hundred years. I was in the area with the Order of the Indian Wars, a bunch of old guys who are fascinated by the West and only put up with women if you are also interested and can keep up the pace. I got deathly ill from a bad sandwich the time we were on a bus in Arizona and I didn’t dare ask them to stop the bus for me, but I did get to see where Geronimo surrendered, (No, it’s not at the location the history sign is.)
    Cheryl: I have no idea what “cut and paste” is. I can barely run a computer enough to write books. I’d feel more at home back with my pencil & big yellow pad.

    Mary: this from an old hand. Think twice about letting a publisher tie you up for years and years. Suppose your star rises high and you’re locked in to the terms you signed years ago when you could now get more? What does your agent say?
    Other published writers, offer your expertise on this subject, please. I’ve never signed a contract for more than four books at a time, usually, it’s three. I would never, never sign an 11 book contract even if they were offering me gigantic money. The thought of tying myself up that long scares me. Too many things can happen like bad health or family problems and I might not be able to fulfill the contract. I will look for your new book. Maybe I’d like to change publishers.

    Thanks much for all the comments and suggestions.
    Best, Georgina

  25. At first I couldn’t think of anything, then I saw one of Taryn’s answers, The Villian, it was very funny. And as a fan of Clint Eastwood I’ll throw out there Bronco Billy.

  26. Fiddle! I was gone most of yesterday so I was unable to check in on Ms. Gentry. I’m a fan from way back!

    You mentioned your 1000 books. Writers such as yourself are why I got hooked on historcals from the get-go. I’m a history buff and can easily get lost in research rather than writing my books.

    There are so many humorous movies I’ve enjoyed. The Duke has been mentioned many times, here, and rightly so. His work may not have started out funny, but inevitably there were flashes of humor and even slap-stick funny. i.e.: the mud scene in McClintock. John Wayne and Maureen were a match made in heaven on the screen. She knew it, too!

    You’re right about writing humor. In my work, I have had my critique partners laugh at things I’ve written that I didn’t write with that angle in mind. Deliberately setting out to write humor might be the hardest to write, for me anyway.

    Thanks so much for being here. Happy day! I have another Georgina Gentry western to look forward to.


  27. Dear Bluecat:
    Thanks for adding Bronco Billy to my list. For some reason, that’s one I missed.

    To Joyce:
    Yes, deliberately writing humor is hard and I’m thinking I’m out of funny ideas. I either will retire or see if Zebra will let me write something else for awhile.

    Thanks to those who mentioned McClintock and Maverick. I’ve seen both but forgot to put them on my list. Blogging was more fun than I thought it would be. I never get to react with my readers because I am such a private person, I seldom leave my little lake and have given up doing autograph parties or touring.
    Best, Georgina

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