Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning?

Fillies, we can’t ignore football this weekend!  The news reports are deeming this the “Playboy vs. the Home Boy.”   Any Superbowl fans here? Predictions are welcome!  Who will win?  I’m rooting for the commercials!  Be sure to enter our Spring Round Up Contest and maybe you’ll be a winner too!


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15 thoughts on “Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning?”

  1. I don’t like either team, but while I only dislike the Giants, I loathe the Patriots. This year, the Giants are the lesser of two evils! Go Eli Go!

  2. I’m rooting for the commercials as well. (Though I’ve noticed a LOT of new husband/wife Sonic ones lately that crack me up and they’re not even Super Bowl commericials.)

    If I had to pick a team, I’d go with the Giants because I haven’t liked the Patriots since the whole “snow bowl” fiasco against my hubby’s team- The Raiders. Oakland lost that game on a technicality and then they changed the rule a few weeks later. Buggers!

  3. Hi Taryn – We’re Raiders fans because my future sil is a nut about them. He and my daughter flew to Oakland just to see them play live, even though they didn’t have a chance in the playoffs.

    Estella, Wendy,and Sherry – I like football, but I’m really looking forward to some clever commercials.

  4. Stats: I’m a die hard Giants fan. I think the Patriots should have been punished much more severely – at least having forfeited the game – when they were caught cheating this season. And because they were found guilty of cheating, I certainly do not think Bill Belichick should have gotten Coach of the Year nor Tom Brady MVP.

    ALL THIS BEING SAID, I think the Super Bowl is going to rock. The cheating is moot at this point – the Patriots probably would have made this far anyway.
    The awesome aspect of this Sunday’s game is the undeniable David vs. Goliath dynamic. The Patriots have not lost a game this season; the Giants are tied for the second worst record of a team ever making it to a Super Bowl. Tom Brady is revered as an invincible quarterback; Eli Manning is a number one draft pick who up until four weeks ago was nothing more than a very expensive disappointment.

    If you have no one to root for, just decide whether you want to see David win, or Goliath. Either way, judging by Patriots @ Giants on Dec. 29, this game is going to be a good one.

  5. My husband, son, father and sister are all big Giants fans so when I watch football it is them. It’s very exciting that they came from behind and they are definitely the underdogs so in our house there is a lot of excitement for tomorrow.

  6. I am not a real football fan I just like watching the commercials. I do wonder how many women might show up again and want to marry Tom Brady seems like when there is one it just multiples and everyone wants to be on TV.

  7. I miss Coach Bum Phillips and my Houston Oilers!!!
    They were among the lights of my life, especially
    back in the late 1960s & 1970s!!! Hey, Fred, where are you?

    Pat Cochran

  8. My team is the Steelers and as we all known they aren’t in the Superbowl. 🙁 So I’ll just have to stay with the AFC.

  9. Gosh, Cheryl, it was SUCH an exciting game! What a finish! But you didn’t even like the commercial in which Hank the Clydesdale doesn’t get chosen until the dalmation puts him through the Rocky training montage?

  10. What a great game! Being from Tennessee, where Peyton played, I’m a realy Manning fan, no matter which is playing. And I loved the horse/Dalmation ad.

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