awakhl4calqwnsvca1heci0cagcsn9xcainbo21caypsr5yca4y16nlcaeim1glca2qcr5ucavbyz59cahe6ax3cal06glica84jedhcakwwiwzcaahc1eocap28mnccagng2uscajnl6kzcawze8ng.jpgI love cowboys!  It’s a small wonder that I write western historicals.  Even when I’m not knee-deep in the 1800’s with Texas gunslingers or amnesiac gamblers or strong silent sheriffs,  but writing a present day story, cowboys of some nature always sneak in without me really knowing it! 

In Bunking Down with the Boss, the story that won the National Reader’s Choice Award, my hero and CEO of the Triple B Construction company had roots that sprung from ranching.  Totally unbeknownst to me when I started writing this story,  wealthy, 114092401.jpgpowerful Sam Beaumont had knowledge of helicopter cattle herding having grown up on his uncle’s small ranch.  Go figure??   So of course when Caroline Portman needed help rebuilding  her stables, practically from the ground up, Sam rode in to the rescue, guns blazing so to speak, ready to help the damsel in distress.   Okay,  so I got a great cowboy cover on this one, but when the Desire guidelines changed, I found myself in a world of strictly rich and privileged heroes who were comfortable wearing Armani and driving in limousines.122146961.jpg

Next came Reese the wealthy oilman from Montana.   I couldn’t pass up the chance to give him roots in the west.  So how did Reese support himself while trying to build his oil empire and make his fortune?   By riding Rodeo, that’s how!  Reese met my socialite heroine at a Meet-and-Greet after winning first place in the rodeo.  Seems our heroine couldn’t resist a man wearing boots and walking with a killer swagger.   After that came Between the CEO’S Sheets . The story was set in Los Angeles with Wade, Sam Beaumont’s brother, out to get revenge on a woman who done him wrong.  Wade fell right into the LA lifestyle, living in Malibu, driving sportscars and mastering the fine art of sailing.  So how did I sneak the cowb9780373768486.jpgoy in?   I put him on a horse up in the mountains in Catalina Island.   Had to do it.  Wade had those Texas roots too, you see.  And our heroine Gina was not immune to the corporate man showing her how it’s done atop a horse, (riding, I mean – where did your mind go?)   Wade even saves the day, when Gina’s horse spooks!

Next comes my new January release, The Corporate Raider’s Revenge.  Set in both  Hawaii and Los Angeles, Evan Tyler runs a sleek contemporary hotel chain called Tempest.   He’s suave, cool and sophisticated, pursuing Laney with incredible persistance.  When he exits his sportscar and walks up her driveway, Laney takes note of his attire.  “Boots?” she asks. To this, Evan replies, “Born in Texas.”   E’nuf said, and that statement lays the groundwork for my upcoming series, Suite Secrets, with Evan’s cowboy brother, Trent at the helm of an elite, western-themed Arizona hotel called Tempest West.   

Five Star Cowboy is the first book in the Suite Secrets series coming in August.  Don’t you just love that title, the mix between hotels and cowboys?  Not my title- my editor came up with it so I can brag a little bit.  There’ll be more about rugged, bone-melting Trent Tyler and the whole Tyler gang later in the year.  I didn’t have to “sneak” with this story, Trent is all male, virile cowboy material. What a joy to write!

Often times, I ask myself what is it about cowboys that I love so much?  In olden days they led a difficult, gruesome life filled with hard work and little reward.  Present day cowboys are few and far between, yet we write them. We fantasize about them.  We adore them and think they’re sexy and attractive and appealing.  No doubt.  One of my favorite authors is Linda Lael Miller and she’s made a name for herself writing the western man both past and present. 

There’s a certain mystery and allure about a cowboy.  Isn’t there?  Or are we shallow enough to simply love a rugged man of the earth, strong in muscle with an  awe-inspiring strut and a southern drawl that makes your mouth water?   Can that be?    Do you simply love a cowboy, no matter what? Does the fact that he’s obscenely wealthy make him more appealing?  I honestly don’t know why this New York born, California transplant has such great love of western men, but I do.  The more the merrier.  What about you? 

I invite you to read the prequel to my Suite Secrets Trilogy with THE CORPORATE RAIDERS REVENGE – available now !!

It’s time for a random drawing!  8586103-copy.jpgWin my debut contemporary cowboy romance, a 2003  RT Top Pick -The Heart of a Cowboy.  Check back later in the day for the winner.   Good luck!

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32 thoughts on “SNEAKING THE COWBOY IN!”

  1. Oh Charlene, ya got my mouth a-waterin’!

    I do think that even in this day and age, women are still drawn to the idea of a man who’s smart, strong, rough around the edges, sexy as all get out and knows how to fill out a pair of Levi’s.

    The hat and boots, along with all these other wonderful attributes are part of the whole package, but the kicker, the cherry on top, is that for all his toughness and masculinity, a woman knows instinctively that he could take her in a tender embrace and turn her knees to butter.

    He’s a MAN, if there ever was one, and I think he embodies qualities women look for in a real man- he’s strong and therefore would be a good protector. He’s virile and intelligent, so he’d be a good provider. He’s downright sexy, so he’d be a good lover. He’s respectful and loyal in every way that counts and he wouldn’t put up with anything that he thought was wrong, whether it be mistreatment of a horse or cattle. Or a child, or a lady.

    That makes him absolutely, positively, no ifs ands or buts about it yummy! Why? Because he’s a cowboy! 😉

    Thanks for this blog today! I love it.

    *gets me to think about Don Johnson as Marlboro Man in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. He was a modern-day cowboy and sadly doesn’t get the girl….:(

  2. Reading this post, Charlene, makes me want to read every word you write. Suite Secrets? That’s just perfect. Five Star Cowboy? Love it.
    I think the modern day cowboy is just perfect to write about because he’s (at least in fiction) a thow back. The closest we can come to the historical voice in modern writing. I mean yes, a cowboy might round up his cattle with a helicopter or a four wheeler or a truck, but mostly he can still be on horseback, still battle the elements, still draw a gun to save the day, still live by the strength of his muscled arms and sinewy back.
    Mostly, CEOs can’t do that. Which doesn’t mean I don’t like stories with CEOs. 🙂

  3. Hi Taryn – Maybe that’s it. The cowboy embodies everything I find appealing in a man. Add that he has money, well, it’s fun to fantasize with fast cars, big ranches, expensive clothes, etc.
    I never thought a man in a tux looked as appealing as one wearing a Stetson and leather boots. My in-laws (from Texas) say that I should’ve been born a Texan. I’m more country than city in that way.
    Loved your comments. They are right on!

  4. Hi Mary,

    Yes, I think the modern day cowboy is a throwback. Whenever I see a man walking down the street wearing wearing clothes, boots, hat, the real thing (not a wannabe) my heart speeds up. If my husband is with me, I always explain, “research”. And we laugh, because he knows how attractive I find cowboys.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments today!

  5. Morning, Charlene! Love your post. Now I see how sneaky you can be. But that’s a very good thing when you’re sneaking in a cowboy. 🙂 Can’t wait to read Five Star Cowboy. Bet it’ll have me drooling on the pages.

    I just have one teensy little thing to clear up. Out here in Texas we still have real, honest-to-goodness cowboys. Most of ’em are fourth or fifth generation and still do things like their grandpappy’s did. There might be a few changes, but for the most part they still round up cattle by horseback. They rope and ride and know the secrets of the earth. They’re a tough bunch that’s loyal to their brand but can sweet-talk a pretty filly. 🙂

    Good luck and much success with your Suite Secrets. I just finished reading “Bodine’s Bounty” and I have to tell you, you’ll have to go a ways to beat it. Absolutely fell head over heels in love with Bodine!

  6. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your nice comments about Bodine’s Bounty! I love the way you describe the Texas cowboys and it’s good to hear there are still men like that out there. And yes, I am sneaky. It’s something I seem to have to do, and my editors now come to expect it. I guess I’m known for my “cowboy” alpha men in those Desires. I think the readers miss them. Thanks for blogging with me today!!

  7. Charlene, your career is skyrocketing right now–CONGRATS on your latest nominations!–and your love for the cowboy shines through. The Desires line is incredibly popular–what a great way to promote a new angle for westerns.

    Suite Secrets is so-o clever! How come I can never think of clever premises like that?

    You go, girl!

  8. Hi Charlene!
    I just picked up your latest yesterday at the supermarket and can’t wait to read it. For me, I like reading about cowboys since they are pretty straightforward, at least in fiction. They are always portrayed as tough and getting the job done.

  9. hi Charlene, I just finished Corporate Raiders Revenge…it’s a hot one all the way though LOL. We’ve got some horse-riding cowboys who ranch here in West Ventura Co, CA and they even write a love-advice column for the local paper once in a while. Hmmmm. Sounds like a plot element. I don’t know what it is about cowboys, but I think it’s the self-reliant pioneer spirit that runs in our blood. I have Comancho Moon all DVR’d so hope to make time to treat myself soon. But I am starting and finishing Bodine’s Bounty first. Congrats on your success, Charlene, and keep ’em coming for us readers. OXOXOX

  10. Hi Pam — Ah, Shucks, that’s so sweet of you to say. I will admit, that although the hotel stories were my idea, MJ (senior editor) came up with the titles. I wanted Suite Deceptions, but Suite Secrets does have a ring to it. The other two books are title-less so far, and I need to get cracking on those soon! I’m five pages away from finishing Book#1. Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great weekend!!

  11. Hi Maureen and Karen B – I hope you enjoy the story! It was one of the books that sort of wrote itself- I had a clear vision of both characters and that always helps! And Karen, I like a man who gets the job done!!

  12. Hi Tanya, my friend — I love that idea. I think you should take it and run with it, a cowboy by day and a love-advice writer at night. Oh boy, what a great premise!! I saw Comanche Moon. I’d love to hear your impressions of it when you watch it.

  13. LOL. I love it, Charlene!!! Great post 🙂 Love the diverse settings of your books.

    Back in ’03, when I was completely frustrated with the historical market and started to branch out to the contemp side of things, my agent told me all real heroes are cowboys…with hidden spurs. Of course, he was from Texas *G* But that’s always stuck in my mind 😉

  14. Hi Stacey –
    What a smart man your agent is! I would agree and it’s good that you found your place with westerns. You’re a fabulous writer and they say write what you’re passionate about. I guess we’re doing that, arent’ we? Thanks for stopping by today!

  15. Hi Charlene,

    I love cowboys too!!!
    I haven’t read any of your books yet, but they sound great!! I realy look forward to reading them. 😉

  16. Maybe I’m so attracted to them because I’ve never really met a real life cowboy (live in Pa and there don’t seem to be any that I can find lol). The fantasy can therefore stay alive for me. I love everything everyone has said about them. But when you see those wannabe’s, you have to laugh out loud. Some guys look so ridiculous in those oversized hats and boots. I guess I see most of my cowboys from country singers and some of them are the real thing!

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed Bunking Down with the Boss and I’m looking forward to your new series.

  17. I love cowboys too! They are just so sexy in a rough around the edges kind of way. They are hardworking and then there is that sexy drawl. So much to admire about a cowboy.

  18. Hi Charlene,

    I’ve loved your contemporary cowboy books. 🙂 I’m going to have to see if I can find some of your historical cowboys.

    Something about them being wonderful caring under their gruff exterior makes them so lovable.

  19. Hi Jennifer Y – I’m glad you love Desires. I’m hoping for a resurgence of cowboys in them. I do think the readers miss them. And I’m one of the few who refuse to let them go.

  20. Hi Jeanne – Have you been watching Celebrity Apprentice? Trace Atkins is on – now that’s one real cowboy. He’s led a tough life too. It’s easy for me to spot a real cowboy and we have some here in California. I love going to the rodeos! Now, there’s a great place to find em.
    Glad you liked Bunking Down with the Boss!

  21. Hello Charlene! I just love cowboys. They are so sexy with their cowboy hats and boots. You just gotta love-em. I am looking forward to reading your books.

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