Shhh! We have a Secret!

deer-flashing-lights.gifHello Darlings! I have a big secret that I’m dying to tell, but you’ll have to hold onto your bloomers until Saturday because I’m busier than Santa packing his sleigh. We’ve got to get this place gussied up and ready for ol’ St. Nick. The Fillies are busy trimmin’ the tree, putting up garland, and stringin’ lights. When I can keep ’em out of the eggnog, that is! I swear it’s a chore! Come back Saturday and I’ll share the surprise. Don’t forget now, you hear.

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

17 thoughts on “Shhh! We have a Secret!”

  1. Now, Felicia, my gosh don’t be giving our visitors the wrong impression of us. I only took one little sip of the eggnog. It’s nothing to make a big fuss over. But I wanted to tell everyone that we do have a big surprise in store and they need to drop by Saturday. Now, I’m off to unsnarl this string of lights. Don’t know how it got so kinked up.

  2. Oh! You ladies are having too much fun! Pass me some eggnog…preferably spiked if you’ve got it {wink wink}.

    I need something, I swear, by golly…1st day of having both kids home (daughter’s always here, but stepson’s last day was yesterday) and they have been doing NOTHING but fussing and bickering all day…I almost locked myself in the bathroom for a good cry! LOL

    Can’t wait to find out what the surprise is!

  3. Estella and Jennifer, you girls come on by and I’ll pour you a little of the good stuff I got hid from the Fillies. Unless they found it. Hmmm, maybe that’s why they keep sipping on that eggnog like it was going out of style. But, regardless we love to show some of our Southern hospitality so don’t be strangers.

  4. Mary, you’re pulling my leg with that global warming crap. You know good and well that eggnog ain’t gonna cause the Artic ice to melt. But you are right about it going bad. I had some once that grew hair on my chest. Bad stuff. I swore off it for quite a while too.

  5. Now Cheryl, you’re gonna hafta let the brandy alone ’till we get this town all gussied up for Santa. Don’t worry about the refrigerator, I got it padlocked.

  6. Charlene dearie, rum cake is some mighty good eatin’ and we’ll have to make us some after we get this surprise out of the way. Just hold your horses and keep on working.

  7. Hi Taryn, you sweet little thing. I’ll save you a cup of this eggnog but you’d better hurry. It’s goin’ fast. You may need more than one cup with those youngun’s gettin’ on your nerves. Just save those tears though for another time. This is Christmas and no crying allowed. Give ’em some chores to do. I always say it’s good to keep ’em busy. They stay out of mischief that way and you keep from going batty.

  8. Eggnog? Did somebody say eggnog? Gotta hitch up my bloomers and button my shoes and get to the party. The morning caught me sleepin’ in after a wild night of gift wrapping.
    Hope to see y’all there when Felicity unveils the surprise!

  9. Elizabeth, there you are sweetie! Yep, you’d better get your bustle in gear or you’ll miss the party. Those wild nights’ll kill you. Rest up a bit and dive in with both hands. We can shore use your help.

  10. Hi Everybody.
    My name is Molly Noble Bull, and I will be a guest blogger here soon. Can hardly wait.
    I was born in Kingsville, Texas, home of the famous King Ranch, but we lived in the Texas hill country for many years. Now we are back in Kingsville again.
    And what’s the weather like today? Warm and windy but not hot — which is normal for December in South Texas.
    At Christmas-time when I was about eight-years-old, I pulled off my shoes and went barefoot. And I have snapshots to prove it.
    A white Christmas here? I don’t think so.

  11. Hey there Molly, we sure are looking forward to seeing you here on February 9th. We’ll have a great time! I know right where the King Ranch is. Yep, I’ll bet a white Christmas there is as rare as a five-legged mule. Take care now and drop back occasionally. We always have the welcome mat out.

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