What Women Want from Men … See If You Agree!

Recently a friend shared a “nightmare” homecoming date story that her daughter endured.  The boy didn’t bring her a corsage, though she was ready with a buttonaire.  He didn’t drive in the limo to the Pre-Party hosted at a parent’s house – to take pictures.  The girl had to take pics without her date. When he showed up at the dance, he wasn’t around for the professional photos taken there and as he danced with his date for two pathetic dances, he was texting another girl.  Then he informed her he wouldn’t be driving in their limo, since he was invited to a different party and he’d go in that limo. At lastly, the poor girl lost her shoes!  Someone had moved them while she was dancing – they were later found.  So she returned home, without her date and no shoes. As a parent I was appalled to hear this story. Don’t worry, the gal’s mother called the boy’s parents and gave them a piece of her mind.  The boy eventually called with an apology – too little, too late.

Since we love romance, we often fantastize about today’s man and how he behaves.  Which brought up the question about this generation of men and are women demanding less of men these days?

Here’s a list from AskMen.com that I came upon.

What Women Want from Men:

Return her messages

Many women gauge a man’s interest level by how long it takes him to respond when she contacts him. If his response time is poor, she might assume he’s just not that into her. Now, it’s no secret that women and men have differing imagesphone.jpgopinions on what constitutes good communication, and we’re not saying you need to drop everything the minute she calls. She knows you’re a busy man; she’s busy too. What women want from men is a call back as soon as they’re able, as opposed to sometime the following day. This doesn’t mean you have to send an e-mail or a text of epic proportions if you don’t have time; a sentence or two will suffice to make her feel like you care — which is all she really wants to know.

Kiss her for no reason

As much as they love sex, women also enjoy a nice, deep kiss that doesn’t have any strings attached. This serves two purposes: It lets her indulge in kissing for the sheer pleasure of it, and it also tells her you want her, and not just sex. Yes, you’re charming and sexy and she loves being naughty for you, imageskissing.jpgbut sometimes she needs a different type of connection. To really do what women want from men, try a surprise kiss for no reason at all; she’ll love you for it. Combine this with a little hand-holding and she’ll be smiling for days.



Dance with her

Simply put, dancing with a woman makes her feel special. imagesdancing.jpgUnfortunately, most men are reluctant to put their dancing shoes on, especially in a public setting. Guess what? While she’d probably welcome the idea, you don’t need to visit a nightclub to dance with your woman. She’ll be just as thrilled if you slipped a little Marvin Gaye on and danced with her in the living room. This would actually be to your advantage, as you have total control over the music. You’re also conveniently located if the dancing starts to get dirty…

Dress up for her

Dressing up to take your woman out is an excellent way to impress her. It’s not about the clothes; it’s about the fact that you find her worth dressing up for. It lets her know that you think she’s worth that kind of effort. Besides, a nice shirt and dress pants can increase your sex appeal by leaps and bounds; you may feel overdressed, but your hotness factor cameron2.jpgwill have magnified exponentially. It’s true what they say: Women really do love a sharp-dressed man.



Remember random milestones

As a rule, birthdays and anniversaries should always be remembered; forgetting something of this magnitude will send the message that you don’t find her terribly important. After all, she probably memorized yours early on in the relationship, so if hers goes unnoticed, she’ll be utterly heartbroken. Here’s how to do what women want from men: To truly impress her, aim to remember the insignificant dates, as well as the big ones. The first time you told her you loved her, the first time you kissed, the first place you vacationed together, what she was wearing the first time you met — any one of these will turn her to jelly and score you more bonus points than you can shake a stick at.

Take on an activity with her

What women want from men is to spend time with their man outside of the bedroom. They want to experience life with their man, and this is one of the best ways to develop a imagestennis.jpgthree-dimensional relationship.  Don’t worry; we’re not recommending you join her yoga class; rock-climbing, hiking, tennis or cycling are activities both of you can enjoy. If neither of you are the sporty type, try something else that you already excel at. Teach her how to swing a 9-iron or to shoot pool — she’ll love the personalized attention.

Propose a visit to her family

Women love it when a man gets along with her friends, but she simply adores it when he gets along with her family. Even if you’re not particularly fond of her busybody mother and father, suggesting a visit (even just a yearly one) can really make your woman’s day. It lets her know you recognize the importance of family. This is truly the kind of suggestion that leads to a warm and fuzzy feeling, so don’t be afraid to suggest it.

So, is this what women really want from men?  Do you agree with this list.  What’s on your list?  What would you add or change on this list?  


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21 thoughts on “What Women Want from Men … See If You Agree!”

  1. Great list, Charlene! And I get to comment first cause I’m up at 12:30 a.m. I would vote for all of the above, plus I like a man who cooks and who’s thoughtful enough to put the toilet seat down.

  2. Good morning Charlene and Elizabeth!

    I’d have to say all the above, including Elizabeth’s suggestions, plus a man who helps out around the house without having to be asked, like taking out the trash or occasionally running the vacuum when he sees how busy I am with other household chores.

    Just the other day my husband came in the kitchen and dried the dishes as I washed them. That was really nice- not only did I feel like he was showing appreciation for what I do, but it got the job done in half the time AND we got a chance to talk, just the two of us, since our daughter was in the living room watching cartoons and not the least bit interested in what we were doing.

  3. Hi EarlyBird Elizabeth or Shall I Say LateBird?
    There’s merit in a man who cooks! Thanks for being the first poster this AM!

    Good morning Taryn! – I think sometimes it’s not so much the work we mind but when the man helps in the kitchen, it’s the companionship we enjoy. It does give us some time to talk together. Kudos to your hubby for knowing that!

  4. Oh and probably my favorite on the list is “Kiss her for no reason.” I love it when my hubby comes over to plant one on my lips, just outta the blue. It’s a nice surprise and makes me feel loved, maybe more so than grander gestures.

  5. Wow, Charlene!

    What great information. I think I have to agree with this survey — I think all of them have merit — I love the “kiss her for no reason,” as well.

    As far as remembering milestones, I must admit that in order to avoid any upsets, I have long made it practice to inform others of birthdays and anniversaries long before they arrive. Just see no reason to get upset when the hubby is so busy working that it slips his mind — besides it once slipped my mind that he had a birthday on a date when I was out of my mind busy — I love him very much — I was just so busy, I didn’t remember. So we can cut them some slack by just bringing it up often enough beforehand that the possiblity of forgetting just doesn’t stand a chance.

    Absolutely great post, Charlene.

  6. I’ve been married a long, long, long time. It’s for life. Nothing left to win or prove between us.
    Most of the rules for wise relationships have given way to just accepting each other as we are.

    Once in a while though something sweet comes up.

    I was a stay-at-home mom for 27 years. Then I got a good paying full time job and a year later, got a book published. Throw in the kids all growing up and moving out and my husband selling his dairy cattle(he still has beef cattle and crops), thus dropping out of a brutally hard job and you’ve got major changes in our relationship and lifestyle.

    I suppose I was trying to be sensitive to his needs for some odd reason. 🙂 One day I asked him if it bothered him that I was helping make the money for the family after he’d done it for so long.

    Here comes the deep discussion right? Well, not exactly, like I said, we’ve been together a while.

    But he did surprise me because we take everything that happens, good and bad, pretty matter-of-factly.

    Instead of shrugging and saying, “I can handle it.” He got this really serious look on his face and said, “I’m so proud of you I can hardly stand it.”

    I guess that kind of true, deep honesty and kindness and support and encouragement, even if only occasionally, is everything you can hope for from any man.

  7. Hi Karen,
    That’s a great point – to put out little reminders ahead of time. That should solve the problem of forgetting. My girlfried takes it a step further. She leaves clippings and news advertisements of the “gifts’ she’d like to receive on the kitchen table, even circles it in red! I’ve never done that, but if your man isn’t a shopper, that saves him from going crazy on a special occasion.
    Hope the tour is going well and you’ll be home soon!

  8. Hi Mary – I love your post about your hubby. I think certain marriages hit a “plateau” where you know you’re in it for life and you don’t sweat the small stuff or the big stuff anymore.
    Very sweet sentiment when you’re hubby told you how proud he was of you.
    My hubby says ‘go get em’ and looks forward to the day when I can help him retire – he’s all for me earning money!

  9. Charlene, great post. But I think I’d worry if my hubby dressed up for me LOL..he’s a shorts and tee-shirt kind of guy. And I too must leave specific directions/advertisements/coupons for him since he hates shopping. Once in a while he pulls through all by himself though, e.g. the diamond/sapphire eternity band he surprised me with for our 25th anniversary. What do you think guys want from us (besides the obvious LOL.) I think his favorite gift from me is a round of golf at the local course!

  10. These are all great. And I like adding the help out around the house. It’s just been the last few years my husband actually picked up a dish from the table and packed it to the sink. But then we had kids up till then who cleared the table. I don’t think I’ll ever see him do housework. He was raised by a Old World European mother who didn’t let him lift a finger in the house. He was the man was to do the outside work. I’m slowly changing him though since he expects me to work outside beside him. If I have to do that, then he has to compromise in the food and cleaning department.

    Interesting post!

  11. Charlene, I agree with all your points. It’s just the little unexpected things that really touch us most. Most men I think are under a false impression that they have to spend a lot of money or take us on cruises, etc. for us to know how much they love us. But those things don’t impress me.

    One thing you might add to the list is that he help take care of the kids instead of just leaving the majority of it to his spouse. It says a lot about a man who sometimes gets up in the night with a colicky baby. I really appreciated that.

    Excellent post! Hope you have a great day. 🙂

  12. Hi Tanya, Linda, Paty and Susan — Thanks for your input. I think we all agree that we like our men to help around the house. And we like the “small things” just as much as the grand gestures.

    Just today, my hubby did a small thing. I ran out earlier this morning to get my routine mamogram. When he kissed me goodbye, he didn’t say anything about it, but he called me right before I left for the appt. to tell me he loved me and to please call him when I got the results.
    That was very touching. It showed he thought about it at work and he cared. And its those things I’ll remember, day to day.

    To clarify – I just posted the list from askmen.com. I love lists, but I can’t take credit for this one. 🙂

  13. The list is great. I do believe that a lot of women don’t ask much of men I have 1 daughter that will let them treat her badly and not do things for her and she is okay with it all. The other one is one who wants her man to do things just because and he is learning not do to bad. Their father is the best he is so kind to me and all people he meets he still holds the door for people not very many people that will do that. We have been married for 23 years now I was VERY young when we married and so he doesn’t have to do anything extra because he is also very thoughtful almost to much I worry that he is not taking care of himself.. He says whatever makes me happy that is all that makes him happy.

  14. Hi, Charlene,

    Yikes! My sympathies on that poor girl’s dating experience. I’m so glad her mother called the boy’s mother and let her know what happened.

    I’m chiming in a bit later than usual today, and as I was reading your list, I thought I’m so glad I’m not doing the dating thing anymore. Being the mother of 4 girls, I’ve learned today’s independent females don’t expect the courtesies from males that I grew up expecting (or my father did! LOL.)

    An example that immediately comes to mind–having the guy come to the door to pick up the girl, instead of honking and having her run out. I’ve had to rope my girls back to keep them from leaving the house many a time–but I do so love it when a guy gives the courtesy. And continues it by opening the car door for them.

    Old-fashioned? I think not.

  15. Hi Pam – I know what you mean about getting to know the “boy” when he comes in to pick up his date instead of her running out to greet him. We do come from a different era, don’t we? I love a boy with manners.

    My future son-in-law is one to take out the trash without me asking. (I’d never ask him to) But when he sees our dinner trash full, he does it for me. I think it’s sweet.

  16. My hubby does the first 6 listed, plus more and I like/want 5, BUT he won’t vacation with my family like my 2 BIL do; he’s in few family gathering photos in 27 yrs; skipped my parents’ 50th anniversary! It was like being a single parent!! My prior boyfriend was the same way-attended my college graduation, 2 Xmas and my sister’s wedding in 8 yrs-I didn’t marry him and I’m divorcing spouse (over 2 other major value differences, after a LOT of prayer.)

  17. Poor Darling.

    I’m so glad I’m done with raising children LOL!

    These are all great and a man who loves or at least respects his lady should abide…maybe you should offer this as an instruction manual on dating sites 😉

  18. Whats up for just about all of you striving to have that woman you’ve always desired, my best advice is learn to talk dirty to women. You have to also have a favourable and confident mind-set towards ladies to win them over. I actually have picked up a lot of ladies and read lots of adult dating guides. So go on it from me, if you’re able to learn those three things, you are able to pick-up almost any woman you want.

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