Welcome Cathy Greenfeder: My Writing Muse, My Friend, My Dog Maxi

wildflowers.jpgI’m sorry for getting this out late, but on November 15, 2007 I had to put my beloved Labrador retriever, Maxine, to sleep. She’d been in our family for twelve years. The cancer she had returned with a vengeance over six months, and the past week had been too much of a strain on the poor girl. On the advice of her vet, we decided to end her suffering.Maxi had been my loyal friend, an inspiration for my writing, and a constant companion when I sat down to write. She reminded me to take time out to play, to take walks, and to dream.

When I wrote my first book, Angels Among Us, a paranormal romance, I based my heroine’s canine companion Baxter, a yellow Labrador retriever, on Maxi. Her loyalty, protectiveness, and zaniness provided material for Baxter’s personality. He added a touch of humor to the suspense created for the heroine, Kay Lassiter, and her guardian angel, Eviance Angelique, who helped her solve the mystery of her parents’ deaths as well as the threats presented by a former murderer. Baxter also helped Eviance to rekindle the romance between Kay and her brother’s best friend, Jake O’Malley, the proverbial “boy next door”.

Wildflowers, a western historical romance published in June 2007, animals are part of the cast of characters.  Ryan Majors, the book’s reluctant hero, a mountain man turned trail guide, has a close friendship with his faithful horse, Daisy. His half Native American background provided him with the skills and talents useful for leading a wagon party to the Oregon Territory. Respect for the natural world and living creatures echoed through the novel along with the romance between Ryan and the minister’s daughter Johanna Wade.

My interest in the pioneer era, the Native Americans, a love of horses (I’ve ridden out West –Oklahoma and the Canadian Rockies and here in the East), added to the plot and the characters of the book. Having Maxi in the family made me realize the special role of pets in our lives. Consciously or unconsciously I’ve included animals in some way in all my books. They provide a touch of humor, add to the suspense, or show us how to be better characters ourselves. You can read more about Angels Among Us or Wildflowers at the publisher’s web site, www.wings-press.com or at my web site www.cag06angel.com 

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9 thoughts on “Welcome Cathy Greenfeder: My Writing Muse, My Friend, My Dog Maxi”

  1. Catherine, I’m so sorry about your dog. Maxine was truly part of your heart and soul. Animals are really special. They add such depth to our lives and make us see things in a new light. You have my deepest sympathy.

    I love to put animals in my stories because they show the characters’ beliefs and deep caring more fully. And also because I just love writing about the special bond that develops between people and their animals. Horses become an extension of the characters and not simply a means to get around. Dogs and other pets show the characters’ compassion for all living things.

    Angels Among Us and Wildflowers look like wonderful books. I wish you lots of success with them and will pray that Maxi continues to bless you with her spirit.

  2. I was just reading about a book called Sprite by Mark Levin about what he went through deciding that his dog had to be put down, how hard it was. Have you heard of it?
    It’s somethign we almost all go through.

  3. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Maxi. My heart goes out to you. I’ve lost several through the years, and have one right now that’s 14 and he’s beginning to show a few signs lately of getting old. That’s the trouble with pets. We bond with them like nothing else. They love us unconditionally, but they are with us for such a brief time.

    Best of luck with your books! :o)

  4. Our precious yellow Lab Tawny crossed the rainbow bridge three years ago and I will never be the same. How my heart aches for you. She took a piece of my soul with her. Your books sound wonderful. Has anybody read Marley and Me? It’s howlingly funny and beyond heart-rending. And yes, our animal friends get to be with us just a short bit of time, but oh, how wonderful that time is.

  5. To all of you who know what it is like to lose a pet, that most special of all friends and members of your family, who sent those wonderful comments of sympathy on the loss of my dog Maxi — Thank you!

    I really appreciate it, and it helps to know that others care.

    Catherine Greenfeder
    Angels Among Us

  6. Condolences on your family loss, Maxi sounds like she was a wonderful dog. My dog, Smokey, is getting older and I’m not looking forward to the day I have to make that decision.

    I’ll have to check out your books!

  7. I thought i was going to cry reading about your dog. I am so sorry for what you’re going threw they become a part of the family and no longer a dog or cat etc. I raised a kitten feeding it with a tube to it’s stomach when she was 3 months i took her in for a check up the vet said she wouldn’t live past 6 months it was her heart and said she could get surgury arount 1500.00 but no guarentees. I thought she was healthy i went with my gut and figured if i’d never brought her there that day she’d be with me a possible 15-20 years she made it happily 13 years she got suddenly ill one day and over the week end i started thinking she wouldn’t make it but come mon. while i was at worked she past away while my husband held her. It was like she was waiting for me to leave so she could pass away. Reading your story brought it back like it was yesterday. I’m very sorry for your loss!! xoxoxoxo

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