My Gift to You

outsider_07.jpgThanks to all who came by today and blogged about ideas and brownies.  Here’s a gift for you: His HOTness Tim Daly in The Outsider.


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5 thoughts on “My Gift to You”

  1. Cheryl, You are SUCH a wonderful gift-giver, always thinking of what would PLEASE us! Did my google search and will defintitely be looking for this movie. Reviews compared it the Angel and the Badman but my thought was The Witness with Harrison Ford (another Be-Still-My-Heart kinda guy)

  2. Cheryl, you found a picture!!! Where? I’m flabbergasted and amazed. I’ve looked everywhere for a photo of Tim in that role. Oh my Lord, this is fantastic. Give me more of these rewards, girl. What a treat. 🙂 🙂

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