Join Me in a “Pitt” Stop Tomorrow! New Westerns on the Horizon.


So why the picture of Brad?  Years ago, when my daughter was in junior high, it was rumored that Brad Pitt had been sighted in the neighborhood next to ours. He had a friend that lived just blocks away. We had fun driving around after school and making “Pitt” stops  in our quest to catch a glimpse of the  star of Legends of the Fall.  To this day, my daughter and I joke about those “Pitt” stops.  Did we ever see him? No, but I sure have fond memories of our silly antics.

Learn about Brad and Jesse James in the new movie and a Top 20 list of the greatest westerns ever made.

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4 thoughts on “Join Me in a “Pitt” Stop Tomorrow! New Westerns on the Horizon.”

  1. I am dying to see this movie (the Jesse James one)! I even used pics of Brad Pitt from the movie stills as inspiration for my hero in my WIP. Can’t wait to read your post.

    I also just wanted to say that I am loving this site, it is great to see western authors making a name on the blog-o-sphere. YAY!!

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