Those incredibly hunky Native American men

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 Okay, did the title wake you up yet?  If not, stay tuned.  We’re going to have a look at some of those hunky men on the covers of our books.  As you might know already — or at least suspect — all of my books are about the historical American Indian.  And some of the men on those covers are incredibly good-looking.  And since I don’t have access to others’ covers, if you will bear with me, we will examine some of my own.

whiteeagle11.jpgThis is a past book — or as we like to say — an older title.  Orginally part of the Blackfoot Warrior series, this cover quickly became one of my favorites.  The model is Joseph Anselmo — and isn’t he delicious?

Then we have another cover — again with Joseph Anselmo and again part of the Blackfoot Warrior series — an older title.  The interesting thing about this particular cover is that when it first came out, I was touring in Montana and was on the Blackfeet reservation for their Indian Days Pow-wow.  There is a fellow on the reservation who looks exactly like Joseph here — and I was fortunate enough to meet him.  

This was again one of my favorite covers.                                                     nightthundersm1.jpg

Then we have a couple of very older titles — these are covers of my first books — LAKOTA SURRENDER was #1 and LAKOTA PRINCESS was #2.lpcover11.jpglscover11.jpg

The model for LAKOTA SURRENDER was John D’Salvo and the lady is Cindy

And then we have the most recent favorite cover — however, I don’t know the name of the model for this cover.  If anyone knows who this model is, please let me know. 

red_hawk_s_woman1.jpgAbsolutely handsome.  Of course I have other favorites, too.  Here’s one of my most prized, most favorite hunks of all time.3-paul-31.jpg

Well, it’s my favorite, although the man is not Native American.  Instead, it’s my husband, Paul.

At the time period when I write, the men were not only handsome — George Catlin describes them in 1834 as rivaling a Greek statue in physique — but there were other romantic values in place, as well.   Integrity, honor, honesty, undying devotion to family and to the tribe were uppermost.  A Jesuit monk once described the Hurons as a tribe of saints.  While I don’t know that I would go so far as to say that, I will agree that at this time in history, there were values of life and liberty that at times seem to be lost in our world nowadays.  And so I write about this time period in history with the hope of not only entertaining the reader, but bringing back to mind as vividly as possible a time when honor was respected above all else; when money meant nothing and when the land and the creatures upon it were free as the wind.

What’s your favorite cover?  Your favorite model?  Your favorite title?  I’d love to hear about them, and even more so, why they are your favorites.  So come on in and let’s talk.


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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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29 thoughts on “Those incredibly hunky Native American men”

  1. I am a huge Julie Garwood fan and I always think her historical Scottish Laird/English Lass novels are classic ‘The Barbarian and the Lady’ love stories much like what you write Karen.
    It’s just a great conflict, clash of civilizations style that puts the hero and heroine so far about that only True Love can bridge the gap.
    I’m really excited about signing to write more books. The conference I spent half of last week at was fun, a bit overwhelming. I met my editor and have a great time with her and did some plannign for the future, but I missed this blog.

  2. Hi Mary!

    I, too, love Julie Garwood — in fact, once a reviewer compared my writing to hers. What conference did you attend? And yes, I think that conferences can be very tiring. How many books did you sign for, by the way and with what publisher? And of course, when will your next book be out, and the title?

    Have a super day, Julie!

  3. Karen,
    I’ve always loved your covers. They are unique and show a side of the American West we don’t often see. White Eagle’s Touch has great background colors and really is my favorite of yours! Gee, wonder why I like the male-only covers? Do you?

  4. Hi Charlene!

    Thanks so much! Yeah, I’m partial to WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH cover as well. That book did very well for me, too, and I’ve always wondered if the cover had anything to do with it. And I love the all male covers, also? Did you notice that almost all my favorites are the all-male covers? Hmmm…

  5. I signed a contract so nice, so exciting, that I don’t think I’ll tell you.
    I was at the ACFW conference in Dallas.
    I am so NOT a traveler that the whole thing was completely intimidating.
    I did learn though that, despite not knowing what to do EVER as far as negotiating airports and hotel vans and gates and checking luggage and on and on…I survived. They really make everything very easy and, if you get addled, there are lots of people to help you.
    I spent time with my editors and agent and lots and lots of writer friends.
    My next book releases NEXT August…so a year away but it’s done. Calico Canyon, a sequel to Petticoat Ranch and there’s a third book coming in that series. And I’m right now revising book one of the next three book series.

  6. Karen,
    Hello again, My favorite all-male cover model is the one on The Angel and the Warrior. Who is he?
    And any plans to use hime for future books? Love your books and really love the male models on front.

  7. Karen, I think all your covers are absolutely gorgeous. But I think my favorite is White Eagle’s Touch. There’s such pride and determination and strength oozing from that man. All the things that speak of the amazing Native American spirit. Great post! I could look at these men all day.

    And to answer your question, the model for Red Hawk’s Woman is Nathan Kamp. There’s a website for him that lists all his covers and RHW is there. Plus, I know Nathan Kamp also posed for your upcoming release and I apologize that I’ve forgotten that title.

    Mary, big congratulations! Getting those contracts is a major accomplishment. I wish you much success.

    And, Karen, I’m with Pam. I’d love for you to do a blog about yourself–how you grew up and how you came to write romances. I think it’d be really interesting. Also, it’s wonderful that you write what you do, the way you preserve the customs and spirit of the Native Americans. Very good.

  8. I also like the covers with the male only. 🙂 I have a Native American Trilogy I’m shopping around. It is set among the Nez Perce and I love writing these stories because of the qualities you stated. Integrity, honor, and the love of their people and the land. The reason I’m having problems selling, I think, is because the first two have NA heroes and heroines. The whiteman hasn’t set foot on their land in the first one and just arrived in the second book. The third book has a NA heroine and a cavalry hero.

    I like NA stories, but I am embarrassed to say, I haven’t read your books Karen and will have to find a couple to read.

  9. Ooooh lala, Kay, for all the handsome guys in your life LOL. I like Redhawk a lot…and I guess I do like all-male covers the best since I tend to identify with heroines and they never look like me at all, with good reason LOL. And Paty, I am particularly intrigued with the Nez Perce…Kay, your remarks on those old-style values that don’t seem to exist anymore really struck me. One of the previous posts mentioned how even rough and tumble cowboys had a code about swearing in front of women…now you can’t even watch regular TV without potty-mouths. Aaaargh.

  10. I too like White Eagle’s Touch cover the best but I like all of them really. Historical covers have to be the best. Julie Garwood is one of my favorites and I’m so looking forward to trying one of your books now.

  11. Hi Karen! I really like the cover for “Red Hawke’s Woman.” I also thought “Spirit of the Wolf” was a really beautiful cover. Heck, they’re all gorgeous! :o)

    I have quite a few N.A. hero romances on my shelves–yours included–and wanted to ask you a question. When traditional western historicals were on the decline, the popularity of the N.A. western romances didn’t appear to be affected (or did it just seem that way?) I remember for the longest time that publishers didn’t want to see westerns, but several were still looking for Native American/white captive romances. And I’m aware that there’s a big readership out there for this sub-genre. Why do you think these remained popular?


  12. Hi Pam! Thank you so much. Yes, I’ll do a blog sometime about my heritage and how I got started and all that. Thanks for asking.

    Mary — CONGRATULATIONS!!! And well done on negotiating those airports. : )

  13. Hi Debbie!

    I must admit that THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF was one of my favorite covers of all time. I’m not sure who that model is, either. I think I’m going to have to find out these things in the future. It might be Nathan — since he’s on two of my other covers. As far as the Angel and the Warrior, that cover model is John D’Salvo. Handsome, handsome… And thanks for your compliment!

  14. Hi Linda!

    Thank you so much for letting me know about Nathan. I wonder if he might also be the cover model on THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF. Perhaps not. But he looks similar. Very handsome man.

    Thanks so much for voicing your interest in my heritage — I will have to do a blog on that, I think — and I do love putting down on paper the history that I find so fascinating.

    Thanks again, Linda. You are such a talented author that a compliment from you goes straight to my heart. : )

  15. Hi Paty!

    Yes, I love those all male covers! As far as writing romances with all NA heros/heroines, I have to tell you that I have yet to have one of those kinds of proposals accepted — and I have tried in the past to shop one around. So you may be right in that regard.

    The Nez Perce were an incredible tribe — so honorable — have you ever read George Catlin and his stories of them? Interesting…interesting.

    Thanks Paty and here’s a big wish for your happiness in your endeavors.

  16. Hi Tanya!

    Thanks so much for your post. I agree with your about the old-style values. You are right — in the West there was a code of Ethics — unstated — that most cowboys followed. It also had to do with integrity, honesty, etc. I don’t think, however, it included no drinking… : )

    Yes, I think in this day and age, we need to preserve a little bit of our past — it seems that the criminals get away with so much nowadays, it’s nice to return to a time when there really was justice.

  17. Hi Jeanne!

    Yes, I agree with you. WHITE EAGLE’S TOUCH was quite a cover — and again, it did very well for me. I would be most honored if you were to try one of my books. : )

  18. Hi Devon!

    Thanks so much for your compliments on the covers. Yes, THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF was really one of my most favorite covers — to me it really brought home the beautify of the wide open spaces, while still getting in that hunky hero’s chest. : )

    You are right in your assessment of the genre, I think. I did hear my publisher say that although the Westerns were declining, this was not necessarily so for the NA sub-genre of the Western. However, I did notice that a few of the NA authors did drop out, sad to say. Not sure of the reason why that was, but hopefullly, the Western is coming back. I really would like to see this happen. But then, it is also my opinion that we no longer have a free market when it comes to books, movies, etc.

    The 80’s were nice, but I think the 90’s documented the decline of the free market in place of a market that is driven by the influencial (did I spell that right) of the world. My humble opinion.

    Thanks for the post, Devon.

  19. I think I’m the odd woman out … I like the cover for Lakota Princess the best of the ones you have up on this page. I like the covers with both the hero and heroine. For me, I’m reading the book to find out about the amazing bond that grows between these two people. And having both on the cover says that to me.

    Plus, the muscles on that guy’s chest are not to be quickly forgotten. 🙂

    Here’s to more books with strong values and less panting, if you know what I mean.

    Ava Wrightsman

  20. Yes, on the spelling lol (one of those funny words). I hate being told that a certain genre is no longer being read. I think publishing companies push certain trends and it’s a selfprophesying tactic. Thank goodness there are still authors out there that write what they chose.

  21. Karen, thank you so much for tackling my question. I agree with you about the market. It’s no wonder there are so many authors out there in a tailspin. I hope, hope, HOPE westerns can make a comeback, but I’m realistic, too. The POWERS THAT BE know the target audience of 18-35’ers are too young to even remember the John Wayne era and that whole sub-culture most of us boomers grew up with. That’s why I’m not putting down any bets. Now, if only Hollywood would make a few westerns with a larger-than-life hero, toss in equal parts of the mythic cowboy/gunfighter we used to love, make him to-die-for sexy and stir in a terrific romance, we just might be in business! :o)

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep writing my westerns and hope for the best.

  22. I read constantly and think that there is a market out there for all genre. I am not a member of the target audience ( I do remember and love John Wayne, Alan Ladd, and oh so many others that were larger than life, handsome, chivilous, and my heros) but I love romantic westerns and in Northeast Nebraska, I sometimes have trouble finding them but your blogs are keeping me looking for them.

  23. I keep writing Westerns too LOL and hoping for the best. Actually the one I’m touting now is set in Northeast Nebraska…I think there will always be those who appreciate the self-reliant spirit of the Old West that has shaped America.

  24. Hi Karen,

    I would love to have these books if you still have them,I have never read these books.Lakota Surrender,Lakota Princess and NightThunderBride.

    Cheryl [SWT]

  25. Good Evening Ava & Cheryl & Mary & Tanya & Connie & Jeanne & Devon!

    Thank you so much for all your viewpoints and opinions. I hadn’t thought of it before, Ava, but you’re right. The guy and the girl do picture the romance and bond between them. That’s a new thought for me and a good one.

    As far as the Western is concerned, I believe that as long as there is a spark of freedom still alive and well in the human spirit, there will always be a place for the Western. It was here in the West where the freedom to be just who you are that really took form. May there always be a bit of the Western spirit in all our hearts.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful viewpoints on this. What a lovely day.

  26. Quanah Parker was extremely handsome, he was the last chief of one of the southwest tribes. He was the son of an Indian father and his mother was the captive Cynthia Parker. She died of a broken heart after being “rescued” from the Indians and brought back to live with her white family. She tried several attempts to run away and rejoin her Indian family. Look up the pictures of Quanah, you want be disappointed.

  27. Now thats what you call ART,
    Love the covers on the books I really think you should make them into posters & maybe wallstickers to, its sure to sell out
    Esspecially the male pics.

    I would probably be yor first customer.LOL.

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