TV Westerns for Coming Week

Of all times to run a slew of westerns the first week of the new season for many shows. Good grief! My recorder is going to be smoking. Here’s a list of what I found on the Hallmark channel, AMC, and TCM.

Wyatt Earp – the 1994 version  with Kevin Costner (Monday on AMC)

Return to Snowy River – Frontiersman returns for his girl – Hallmark

Rose Hill– this is a good one about four orphan boys find an abandoned baby girl and take her to raise in the West. Jennifer Garner (Mrs. Ben Affleck) plays the girl when she’s grown. It’s on Hallmark on Tuesday and Saturday.

The Unforgiven – Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn (1960) – A Texas woman and eldest son fight Kiowas over an adopted daughter. Hallmark on Friday.

Red Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson plays a traveling preacher. Morgan Fairchild and Katharine Ross also star. Hallmark on Saturday.

The Outsider– A favorite of mine that I’ve raved about!! – Stars Tim Daly (who is in the new series starting this week, Private Practice) and Naomi Watts. Tim Daly plays a gunslinger who gets shot and wanders up to the home of a recently widowed Amish woman and her son. At the risk of being shunned by her people, she gets him well. He protects her from a big landowner who wants her land. And that’s all I’m telling. An excellent western in my opinion. The Hallmark Channel on Saturday.

Comes a Horseman – Hallmark on Saturday – Jane Fonda and James Caan – this is a western set after WWII. But Jane is fighting landgrabbing barons.

Rio Lobo  – 1970 western about a former soldier who seeks Union betrayers – TCM Saturday

Glory – Don’t know if this story about the Civil War is classified as a western or not. It comes on AMC on Monday.

I was severely disappointed when The Assassination of Jesse James came out Friday and it wasn’t in our theaters. I checked online and the movie is showing only in select towns. Dadgum it!!  🙁

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4 thoughts on “TV Westerns for Coming Week”

  1. The Outsider *heavy sigh* I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie. I bought it (and in a strange turn of events to long to go into ended up with two copies). I think I can almost recite the whole movie now line for line I’ve watched it so many times. And I also love the book it’s adapted from!

  2. Okay, WHY WHY WHY did no one ever tell me about The Outsider before??? How could I have missed it? My daughter and I just watched it, thanks to this post and we are both ruined for life. There will never be another cowboy who compares to the degree of HOTNESS of Tim Daley as Johhny Galt! Holy smokes! I have to go order this movie asap.

    Thanks, Linda!

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