Those men in hats….

Thanks to all who blogged with me about spaghetti westerns today!  It was fun.  Here’s some cowboy eye candy in appreciation.


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7 thoughts on “Those men in hats….”

  1. Big Heart throbbing {{siiiigh}}. They just don’t grow’em better’n that! 🙂 Where do you find such fab pics??? *g*

    WOW–great post, Cheryl!! Blasted deadlines are keeping me away from all this fun 😉

    I’m thinkin’ I need to take a break and go rent some videos 🙂

  2. ::swooning:: Tom Selleck AND Sam Elliott. Be still my heart! I have fantasies about Sam Elliott sitting on the corner of my bed and just TALKING to me. I don’t care what he says either. He could read the phone book out loud and that would do it for me 😉

  3. Well, Cheryl, I’ll take partial credit for having mentioned them AND their mustaches yesterday, but you do find the greatest shots of the hunkiest hunks! Must be your “photographic” eye; do you also have a ‘divining’ or ‘dowsing rod’ for heroic hunks? LOL Anyone who hasn’t visited CSJ’s site must do so- Hugh Jackman is the pinup man of the Moment!

    Whoever comes up with more of Tom or Sam is “my new best friend.” MNBF

    Ditto to ALL comments; Wendy, may I borrow that fantasy?
    Cheryl, I believe I registered. Is there a way to check?

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