Tomorrow: A Western Epic

Buckhorn SaloonGetting the clothes right in a book is as important as in a movie and writers and costume designers go to a lot of work to make sure they have it right.

Costume designer Van Broughton Ramsey won an Emmy Award for his work on Lonesome Dove. Ramsey did extensive research into the clothing of the period, and he made sure that the characters’ wardrobe matched their occupations and social standing. Ramsey collected cloth swatches and photocopies of period photos from books and articles. He even commissioned specially silkscreened bandanas for Gus and Call. Ramsey also compiled a notebook containing the shooting schedule, filming locations, and sizes of the principal cast members and extras. By using this information in conjunction with his research, Ramsey created these initial drawings which were used to produce the actual costumes.

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about Lonesome Dove, the epic mini-series loved by western fans everywhere.  Don’t miss it!

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow: A Western Epic”

  1. How cool is that, Ramsey’s attention to detail…seems most movies go for the trendy no matter how anachronistic it is…It’s not a Western, the name escapes me, a Heath Ledger “medieval” with Queen music, had costumes that were totally bogus…haven’t seen LD in years…sounds like a rentable treat.

  2. Hi Sheryl ! I watch Lonesome Dove several times a year. I think of myself as mainly having the same qualities as Gus. As I am almost 80 my family does not mind. I have sought for years to find a copy of the bandana that Gus wears to no avail ! We have horses . WELL I would like to find a copy of The bandana Gus wore ! Thanks for any help, Will

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