The Winner!

The winner of my drawing for a copy of THE STRANGER is PATY.

Congratulations, paty.  Please send me your snail mail before Saturday morning.  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll draw a second name.  My email is

Thanks all of you for your comments.  It’s been a fun day.

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4 thoughts on “The Winner!”

  1. I am an avid country music fan since the mid-70s. I also like early rock & roll and some early country. My favorite song right now is ‘It’s a Different World’ by Bucky Covington. That song just speaks to the time of my childhood:

    We were born of mothers who smoked and drank,
    Our cribs were covered in lead-based paint,
    No child-proof lids, no seat belts in cars,
    Rode bikes with no helmets and still here we are,
    Still here we are.

    We got Daddy’s belt when we misbehaved,
    Had three TV channels we got up to change,
    No video games and no satellite,
    All we had were friends and they were outside,
    Playing outside.

    It was a different life when were were boys and girls,
    Not just a different time,
    It was a different world.

    It’s the way things were when I was a kid.

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