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Cowboys!  You’ve gotta love ’em!  But who were the real cowboys of the Old West?  What were their lives really like?  Check out my Thursday blog to learn about Real Cowboys and add your own comments.  See you then!


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6 thoughts on “For Thursday”

  1. Hmm the real cowboys were real men if you ask me! Not these guys that run around today wearing cowboy hats and painted on jeans (no offence to anyone). But back in the day cowboys were rugged, rough around the edges but worked harder than we could ever imagine. I mean who could sit on a horse for days??? I love to read historical western’s just because that old west charm transports you into a different time where credit cards, bills, and gasoline were non existant! If I could ever go back in time I would want to go to that time period 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to read about the real cowboys. I love the game with putting the cowboy puzzle togher. He was a cutie!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Elizabeth,
    Kim from the URWA chapter. I had to stop by and say hi. This looks like a great blog and I hope it’s a huge success. As the wife of a Harley man, I have to tell you that die-hard riders are just like the old cowboys of the west. They’d think nothing of stopping for the night at a two-bit motel and taking apart the engine to fix it for next day’s 100 mile ride in the hot desert sun. (and leave the mess for housekeeping to clean up)
    It may not be romantic, but the guys are cut from the same cloth as those old west cowboys.
    Have a great day tomorrow. I’ll try to stop by if the day job permits.

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