The First Americans and the Mustang

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 I want to thank Maria Lokken and Tanya Hansen for joining in our discussion this morning, as well as fellow author, Cheryl St. John.  Also a big vote of thanks go to Linda B and Jennifer Y for their comments from yesterday’s blog, as well as Elizabeth Lane — another fellow author.

Well, here I am, getting ready to mail off the revisions for my next book (due out in March 2008), THE LAST WARRIOR.  But before I go, I thought we might discuss the mustang and its importance to Native America.

As you know, before the Spanish arrived with their horses, the Spanish Barb, Native America didn’t have horses.  Instead, the American Indians made use of the dog.  It was the dog that transported their goods from one place to another, sometimes even transporting a baby.  Is it any wonder that some tribes honor the dog to this very day?picturesforblog.jpg

As Helen Addison Howard says in her book, AMERICAN FRONTIER TALES,   “(the mustang) completely changed the Indians’ nomadic life-style in hunting and war, in moving camp, in recreation, in trade, raised the owner’s social position, became a status symbol of wealth, and engendered a new standard of well-being.”

Because of its short stature, the mustang was often called a pony.  But that stature was deceiving.  The mustang was an intelligent animal with a stamina that became legend.  It was a mustang who won the 3,000 mile endurance test held in Arabia against the finest Arab horses in the land.  That pony, Hidalgo, was the 800 pound, 8 year old that won that race, even though the race was done was over loose sand, and  in a land where there was very little water.

Did you know that the movie, Hidalgo, was based on a true story?

Well, that’s all for now.  Again, I welcome all your insights into this and any other animal that’s in your life.

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4 thoughts on “The First Americans and the Mustang”

  1. Wonderful post! I love the movie Hidalgo…it is a favorite of my father’s as well. He is the main reason I enjoy westerns so much…growing up watching westerns with him made me fall in love with the genre and eventually led me to read western romances.

  2. I have always enjoyed watching westerns and reading the western romance stories! I think it has to do with being able to learn more about the past…I can usually find a history lesson in each book 🙂 And to just learn about a time period and locations that I want to know more about…with a handsome hero in the mix 🙂

  3. I loved that movie Hidalgo! What a horse. I didn’t know about that magnificent animal until the movie came out so I learned something new. I also became more acutely reminded of how valued these horses were by their human companions. A cowboy’s horse was family and that’s still true today by all horse-lovers. Makes me mad enough to cuss when I see any animal mistreated. I’m glad you shared your knowledge with us.

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