Two new dogs

My husband and I were recently on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana during Indian Days pow-wow. On the Blackfeet reservation, dogs run free and pretty wild. However, there were two dogs who attached themselves to us and some friends. We were there for the pow-wow, but we were also there to help with literacy/drug ed programs. Anyway, these two dogs attached themselves to us all and when it came time to leave, my husband and I couldn’t bear to leave them behind — and so they came home with us. They are both pretty much muts. One is a Collie with something else in him, and the other is most likely some German Shepard and goodness knows what else.

But they are dear.

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5 thoughts on “Two new dogs”

  1. How great! I have three rescue dogs, including my Wild Indians (two Australian Shepherd sisters someone dumped at the pound). I learned long ago that the best dogs are rescue or stray dogs. They are ever so happy to have a home and adore you every moment of their lives.

  2. They are wonderful (when they’re not jumping on us). But even then we love them. I agree with you Pat. I think the rescued pets make great pets!

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