Love Westerns? Welcome To The Club!


Hi all! I’m glad to see you here at Petticoats!  Please stop by often. We have some great topics and bloggers coming up. 

It’s my turn on Friday and I’ll be blogging about those handsome hunky heroes’ and thier faithful img_0055.JPGcompanions – their horses.




Recently, I spent some time at my cax82xhzcover.jpgcousin’s ranch where he stables 12 horses. I love his horses, they are the sweetest animals and I always learn something new about them when I visit.  I was so happy to see that my new November cover for Bodine’s Bounty had a beautiful spotted gelding on the cover!

Come back often and visit me on Friday for My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys… and Their Trusted Companions!

Happy Trails!

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7 thoughts on “Love Westerns? Welcome To The Club!”

  1. Hi Charlene,
    This is great! I love horses myself but am VERY allergic to them, which meant I had to give up riding ;(
    Which is why it’s so good to read about them, because I am defintiely not allergic to fictional horses!
    All the best,

  2. Charlene, your horses are so magnificent. They’re such noble animals who have a lot of love to give and don’t ask for much in return except food and a dry place to sleep. Beautiful horse on the cover of your new book! Sure makes me want to buy it. Uh, the book, not the horse. I wouldn’t have a place to put one.

  3. Great cover. I’m a horse lover too, having taken lessons on a Lipizzan. Unfortunately the gait spoiled me for every other horse. I was lucky to find a Spanish couple who smuggled some of the horses out of Europe during WWII. They had eight Lipizzans. They had a riding school but it was unpublicized for what I gathered was legal reasons. I went back fifteen years later, wanting to do a story on them. but the Austrians and horses had disappeared. I keep thinking about those Lipizzans and the story behind them.
    It’s a little off topic but the post reminded me of those horses.

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