Love Those Cowboys!

Hi, I’m Linda Broday and I’ll be blogging on Tuesdays. I’ll be talking about my love for cowboys, the old west, and lots ofduell.jpg interesting subjects. To start this off, I’m posting one of  my all time favorite cowboys who starred in the Desperado made-for-TV movies, Alex McArthur.    

He played Duell McCall and I’ll never forget how his chaps flapped against his pants as he strode into a fight. I based the hero in my first book, Knight on the Texas Plains, on him. Even used part of the name when I decided on Duel McClain. Anyway, we’ll talk a lot more. Drop back on Tuesdays. For now, enjoy the site that represents our hearts and souls. 

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

17 thoughts on “Love Those Cowboys!”

  1. Ooooh…I loved that movie…of course I love just about any and all western movies and tv shows. The tv show The Young Riders about a group of Pony Express riders was one of my faves as well…several hero-worthy guys in that one…it kind of led me to start reading western romances.

    Anyway, I am very happy that you all started this blog. As a big fan of western romances, I think you all are great and that this blog is going to fast become a fave of mine.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say Linda, that I am eagerly awaiting your new book, Give Me A Texan! I didn’t even you know you had a new one coming out until today!

  3. Jennifer, so glad you found out about GIVE ME A TEXAN! That’s what’s so great about this site. Getting the word out about all the new western romances, not just ours. Hope you enjoy the stories when it appears in February.

  4. I loved the series, Desperado. Wish they’d put them out on DVD. I’m just glad I taped them, although I inadvertently taped over one of them, one of my favorites, of course.

    I’ve always loved the Old West, and Duel McCall was the perfect anti-hero. I remember how my heart skipped a beat when I saw him in Madonna’s video, Papa Don’t Preach. Oh my, was he cute!

    Ya’ll have a great blog here!

  5. Tanya, I’ve fantasized about Duel too! Glad I’m not the only one with a huge crush on him. Ho-boy, he’s something else. Wish he’d do some more westerns.

    Mandy, if you keep your eyes open I believe the Hallmark channel shows those Desperado movies occasionally. That’ll have to do until they release on DVD. *sigh*

  6. What an exciting site! I’m eager to spend some time here, and look forward to your blogs.
    Congratulations on such a grand beginning!

  7. I LOVED the Desperado moives and Alex McArthur. You have to love a man in chaps he looks good coming and going.

    Sue S

  8. And they said those “Smith Girls” would never amount to anything!! I am so proud of you and yes, I too loved Duel McCall and let’s don’t forget Robert Duvall (Gus)…………he may have a little age on him, but still plays a pretty good ol’ cowboy!

  9. Gosh, I forgot all about that one! I did see the movie and of course I thought Alex McArthur was hot!

    I love the term “flapping chaps” lol.

    Happy Trails!



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