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Welcome Guest – Louise Gouge!

JULYLouise M. Gouge PortraitHi, everyone. Louise M. Gouge here, your guest blogger today. Thank you for inviting me! I love western stories, so I always enjoy visiting the lovely ladies at Petticoats and Pistols.

As I’ve said before, here and in other places, my love for westerns began when I was growing up watching John Wayne westerns with my father. We also watched Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rifleman, and many others. If there was a western showing at the theater or on television, we’d be there to see it. Add to that my twenty years of living in cowboy country in Colorado, you can see it’s natural for me to write westerns myself.

My latest release, A Family for the Rancher (LIH August 2106), is a special endeavor. It’s my first book set in Texas, even though two of my grandchildren were born there. They said, “Grammy, what took you so long?” I confess I was so busy writing my Four Stones Ranch Colorado series that it required a special invitation from the wonderful editors at LIH_LoneStar_Sampler_CoverLove Inspired Historicals for me to “go” to Texas. They asked me to be part of a continuity with Renee Ryan (Stand-in Rancher Daddy July 2016) and Regina Scott (A Rancher of Convenience September 2016). You probably know that a continuity is a series of books that tag-teams three or more books to tell a longer story about an issue troubling a community of good people. In this case, it’s the Lone Star Cowboy League set in the fictional town of Little Horn, Texas. Each book concentrates on a particular couple’s love story. This was my first continuity, and I had a blast working with Renee and Regina, two authors I love and admire. Oh, the details we had to coordinate! But such fun doing so. As a bonus to our three-book series, we have a FREE Lone Star Cowboy League: The Founding Years Sampler coming out in September. It includes some delicious old-time recipes we three ladies prepared to share with you. Be watching for it!

While I was developing my characters, I often thought of John Wayne and his favorite costar, Maureen O’Hara. And because I like to visualize my characters, I found two other more contemporary movie stars who would personify my perfect couple. For Edmund McKay, I chose the very hunky Aussie Chris Hemsworth. For my spunky heroine Lula May Barlow, beautiful Amy Adams is the perfect choice. Now if Hollywood would just make a movie of the story, I’d be thrilled. Hey, an author can dream, can’t she?

Chris Hemsworth (Louise Gouge) Amy Adams (Louise Gouge)

Through it all, my love for westerns was reinforced. The people of the Old West were intrepid pioneers who did so much to help create communities where God, family, and hard work laid a foundation for our entire country.

I’d love to give away a copy of A Family for the Rancher to one U. S. resident. To be entered in the drawing, answer this question: Why do you enjoy western stories? Be sure to leave your email address!

A Family for the Rancher CoverHere’s my story:

From Neighbor to Daddy:

Rancher Edmund McKay likes his life simple and quiet—everything feisty neighbor Lula May Barlow is not! But with a cattle rustler on the loose, he’s duty-bound to protect the widowed mother, even without her approval. Yet he never expected to enjoy her company. And he certainly never thought her crowded, bustling house would be the first place he’d ever feel at home…

After a harsh childhood, Lula May knows how to stand on her own two feet. She doesn’t need Edmund’s help—but she’s starting to want it, all the same. So are her children, who clearly have matchmaking in mind. And when a threat from the past resurfaces, she realizes all that’s at stake…including her chance for a lifetime of love.


Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical Romances. She received the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award in 2005 and placed in 2011, 2015, and 2016; and placed in the Laurel Wreath in 2012. When she isn’t writing, she and David, her husband of fifty years, enjoy visiting historical sites and museums.

Please visit her Web site at http://blog.Louisemgouge.com


Twitter: @Louisemgouge

Welcome Guest – Louise Gouge!

JULYLouise M. Gouge PortraitLadies, thank you so much for inviting me to “appear” on Petticoats and Pistols. It’s always a delight to visit you, and I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to promote my latest books. This time, it’s a Christmas novella, Yuletide Reunion, in Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical October anthology, A Western Christmas, in which I share the honors with the very talented author, Renee Ryan.

One of the many things I love about writing westerns is learning new things about our ancestors who settled the American West. These were, of course, hardy people who overcame many trials. Towns and communities were established in which people worked together to tame the wild land. But they also enjoyed good times, too, especially holidays such as Christmastime, during which many traditions were established that are still celebrated today.

One of those traditions that takes place in New Mexico each year is Las Posadas, a nine-day celebration of Navidad, which is Spanish for Christmas. (Please click on the links to see pictures and to learn more about this lovely tradition.) The celebration was one of my inspirations for Yuletide Reunion.

I also have another inspiration for Yuletide Reunion. My sister lives in a beautiful, real life adobe house beside the Rio Grande, and during my many visits to see her, I have been inspired by the history of the area. I’ve long wanted to write a story set on her land, although I’ve tweaked the descriptions for this story’s sake. I also created the fictional town of Riverton, New Mexico, so I would have the freedom to take the story where it wanted to go. Here’s a bit of history about those times.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

For hundreds of years, Mexicans had settled in the land we now call New Mexico, then known as New Mexico Territory. After the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, new boundaries were drawn, giving the territory to the United States. The Mexicans living there were given the opportunity to move to Mexico or remain on their land. Numerous families remained. At this time, many “Americanos” moved into the area, and animosities sprang up between the two groups. In my idealistic community, the pastors of two different local denominations decide to set the example and bring their congregations together, concentrating on their common belief in Jesus Christ instead of their differences.

A Western Christmas CoverWhile it’s still a bit early to do my Christmas shopping, it’s never too early to wish that your Christmas Season will be filled with joy as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love to hear from my readers, so if you read and enjoy Yuletide Reunion, please write and let me know.

You can find Yuletide Reunion in the Christmas anthology A Western Christmas in stores right now, or at Harlequin.com, amazon.com, and other online bookstores.

Here’s the story blurb:

Yuletide Reunion in A Western Christmas

Emma Sharp’s family needs to rebuild their barn before Christmas. All help is welcome—even if it comes from the handsome neighboring rancher who jilted her two years ago. Can Jared Mattson prove that he wants to build not just a barn with Emma—but a bright future together?

Louise will give away a copy of A Western Christmas to one of our commenters today. What are some of the local Christmas traditions celebrated in your area? (Contest open to US residents only, see our contest page for complete rules.)

Louise with her husband David


Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical Romances. She received the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award in 2005, placed second in 2011; and placed in the Laurel Wreath in 2012. Her indie novel Then Came Love placed second in the 2015 IRCA. When she isn’t writing, she and David, her husband of fifty years, enjoy visiting historical sites and museums. Please visit her Web site at http://blog.Louisemgouge.com


Welcome Guest – Louise Gouge!

Louise M. Gouge PortraitFunny thing about writing: We writers get our inspiration from just about any place. Cowboy to the Rescue, my recent September release and the first book in my Four Stones Ranch series, was actually inspired by the story in the second book in the series. I know that’s confusing, so let me tell you what happened.

A romance publisher put out a call for western Christmas novellas, so I came up with a neat little story and sent it in. It wasn’t accepted, but I kept the idea in the back of my mind. When I decided to write full length westerns, I pulled that idea out, intending to make it Book One in a series. Only problem was my hero, Rand, wasn’t cooperating. He kept telling me he wasn’t the oldest son in the family and that I should really begin with his older brother, Nate. What’s a writer to do? Listen to my hero, that’s what, and I wrote Cowboy to the Rescue, all about Nate and his ladylove, Susanna.

Of course, that second brother also wanted his own book, so I fleshed out the story of Rand and MaryBeth in Cowboy Seeks a Bride, which will be released in January 2015. Then their sister, Rosamond, said, “Hey, what about me?” So next July, Cowgirl for Keeps will tell how she lassoed an English aristocrat in a retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. These three youngsters have a younger brother, Tolley, and his story will be coming soon. I hope you’ll be on the lookout for the Northam family siblings at Four Stones Ranch.

I’d like to give away a copy of either Cowboy to the Rescue or Cowboy Seeks a Bride to a resident of the United States or Canada. Please leave a comment below to be entered in our drawing.

Here’s the information about the two books so the winner can choose her favorite:

1 Cowboy to the Rescue Cover

Click cover to order

Four Stone Ranch Book One:

Though Georgia belle Susanna Anders agrees to accompany her father on a silver prospecting trip to Colorado, her heart belongs to the South. Then charming cowboy Nate Northam saves her father’s life and gives them shelter at his ranch. Feeling gratitude is only natural, but falling for a Yankee? Both of their families would be outraged.

While Susanna’s father recovers at the Northams’ home, Nate can’t help being drawn to the sweet Southern beauty…and wishing he were free to think of courtship. That is until shocking revelations compel both Nate and Susanna to choose where their loyalties lie—fettered to the past or to the promise of a bold new love….

Click cover to pre-order

Click cover to pre-order


Book Two

Marybeth O’Brien is everything rancher Randall Northam seeks in a wife…if she’d only say “I do.” Although his family paid for her train ticket West with the understanding the two would marry, Rand won’t pressure her to set a date. Especially since he suspects she’s learned about his reckless past. Who would want to marry an untamed cowboy like him?

Marybeth won’t marry until she locates her long-lost brother. And when Rand agrees to help her with her search, she can’t deny her surprisingly warm feelings toward her prospective groom. Could this honorable cowboy show her he’s the husband she never knew she wanted?



Award-winning Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical imprint. In addition to numerous other awards, Louise is the recipient of the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award for her 2005 novel, Hannah Rose (first place), and her 2011 Regency novella, The Gentleman Takes a Bride (second place). In 2012 she placed third in the Laurel Wreath contest with her novel A Proper Companion. Louise has e-published five of her out of print novels and one original novel, Escape from Kikwit. With her great love of history and research, Louise has traveled to several of her locations to ensure the accuracy of her stories’ settings. When she isn’t writing, she and her husband love to visit historical sites and museums. Please visit her Web site at http://blog.Louisemgouge.com

Louise Gouge: From the Colorado Mountains to the Florida ‘Gators

louise-m-gouge-portrait-005I’m so happy to be invited to share some thoughts on the Petticoats and Pistols blog. While my current book doesn’t actually fit the Western theme, I did live in Colorado—a truly Western state, if there ever was one—for many years, dated cowboys, and attended many rodeos. Even wore a pair of cowgirl boots once upon a time. My small, southern Colorado town of Monte Vista was all about cattle and ranching, so once I became a writer, I expected to write novels set in the Old West. As it turned out, my first novel, published in 1994, took place in Colorado. But it was a contemporary romance written long after I moved away from that beautiful state many people call God’s Country to another beautiful, but much different state, Florida.


As strange as it may seem, I never expected to write about Florida, even though it has been my home state these past thirty years. But when my fellow author Kristy Dykes (1951 – 2008) suggested that I write a historical novel about Florida, the setting just seemed right. Digging into this state’s history has been a great joy for me. Talk about a frontier territory! Florida rivals Colorado in its rich history of untamed land and fascinating characters. Even rattlesnakes! Add alligators to that list, and you’ll see why this state deserves as much attention as my stories can give it. And my goodness, have I learned a lot.


One thing I never knew before was that England owned more than thirteen colonies in the part of North American that became the United States of America. What fun to discover that while the Patriots in those thirteen colonies were struggling to form an independent nation, two other English colonies called East Florida and West Florida had the potential of becoming the fourteenth and fifteenth states. Such was not to be, however. Instead, Loyalists fled to East Florida to escape the American Revolution and held the line against Patriots who tried to breach their defenses. Just think of how different history might have been if General George Washington had accomplished his dream of winning this third front of the American Revolution.


Another interesting fact has to do with my fictional setting of St. Johns Settlement. I chose the site because it was near an old French fort on the St. Johns River. Imagine my surprise when I interviewed Fort Caroline Park Guide Bill Johnson and he informed me that there actually had been a burgeoning English village named St. Johns Towne on the very spot I had chosen. Plantations large and small filled the surrounding area, and in recent years many artifacts and much evidence have been discovered there. What fun to have my fictional setting meet up with reality!


love-thine-enemy-coverLove Thine Enemy (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical, July 2009) is the first book in my Florida series. I hope you’ll read Rachel and Frederick’s love story and its sequel, The Captain’s Lady (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical, March 2010). In both stories, I hope to inspire my readers always to seek God’s guidance, especially when making the decision of whom they will marry. Regarding my own marriage, my dear husband David and I have been married for forty-four years. He is my best friend and biggest encourager of my writing career. And, yes, I did seek God’s will about marrying David. The Lord’s response? “Don’t let this one get away!” All these years later, I’m so glad I didn’t.


I love to hear from readers, so if you have a comment about Love Thine Enemy, please contact me through my website, www.Louisemgouge.com. While you’re there, leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of Love Thine Enemy, LIH July 2009, ISBN – 13: 978-0-373-82815-9.



Louise M. Gouge

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