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It’s Yee-Haw Day!


Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Linda Broday

Knight on the Texas Plains is on Audiobook now! SO EXCITED!




Karen Witemeyer

I’ll be speaking at a library in Dublin.
(Dublin, TX – not Dublin, Ireland unfortunately. Ha!)

I’ll be participating in the Texas Writes program and presenting a session on Using Research Effectively in Fiction on Saturday, April 13 at 10:00 at the Dublin Public Library in Dublin, TX.

The event is free to the public, so if you are in the area, I’d love the chance to meet you in person.

Phyliss Miranda

I’ve been dying for our next Yee-Haw Day to come around, so I can share with you all the joy of watching our first grandchild get married out in California in January.
I went out early, so her mother and I could do a lot of the preparations for the reception. I think Abby tried to use every decoration she saw in a bride’s magazine or online. But it ended up beautiful. We purchased dollar candle holders and glued three different ones together to make what looked like a very expensive candle holder. With the candle and flowers added, they were really pretty. Of course, we had to make twenty of everything, including the floral arrangements for the church. And, friends, it wasn’t fun to cut and sew forty different golden threaded table clothes, but we did it.
The wedding was beautiful. I truly enjoyed being the first to walk down the isle escorted by her brother … even with tight spandex on to cover some of my bulges under my dress. Of course, I wore shoes with heels and was uncomfortable as all get out, but I’d do it all over again; and, with seven more grands, I know I will. Hope you enjoy my picture of our beautiful Abby.
Pam Crooks

We have a lake cabin in Nebraska. You may have heard that the eastern part of our state (and western Iowa) has suffered horrific devastation from floods.  Since the roads out to our place were impassable, my husband and I spent some sleepless nights worrying how badly our cabin was immersed in water.

Checkout the waterline on our steps.

We were spared. By four inches.  YEE-HAW!

Shanna Hatfield

Happy April, everyone! 

I’m excited to invite you all to join me for the fifth annual Petticoat Ball. It’s a fun party on Facebook I host every year to kick off spring and have some fun! 

I hope you’ll join me and twelve wonderful author friends for hours of fun, giveaways, games and more! Save the date for April 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Pacific Time) for the Petticoat Ball!

Pam Crooks

My Newest Release!

Carina Lockett is driven to build a legacy for her young daughter, and she doesn’t need a man to help her do it. But when her precious child is lured away and held for ransom, she must swallow her pride and ask for Penn McClure’s help.

Penn McClure had no intention of playing cowboy for any woman, especially one as strong-willed as Carina.

But driving a herd of cattle to Dodge City was no easy task. And he had a score to settle with the man waiting for them at the end of the trail.

Along the way, he discovers Carina is pure female–and that her legacy has become his own.





Cheryl Pierson




What a fun project! I’m so glad I was included in this western short story collection that Scott Harris put together! Each of the stories are based on the same prompt, but every one of these tales is wonderfully different! Here’s the prompt:

The warrior stood atop the rocky outcropping, blood dripping from his face and his lance. He stared out over the plains and let out a blood-curdling scream that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.

A collection of fast-paced short stories coming from nine of the best Western authors writing today, each using the same prompt, but with very different results. Fast horses, fast fists and fast guns take the lead in these exciting tales of the Old West. Make sure you have plenty of time when you pick this up, because you won’t want to put it down.

My story is about a cavalry officer sent to  track down the most elusive enemy–the last Comanche–and bring him in. But he and his supposed foe were once friends, many years ago. How can he bring a friend in to face certain death?

I hope you’ll pick this one up for a fun read–the stories are each around 5,000 words long and make for some interesting reading for yourself or a gift for someone.



My other big news is more about DOGS! You may remember me talking about our new addition, Sammy (the russet colored one in the picture) last time we had YEE-HAW DAY here. He was lonely! He needed a sibling–so when I was asked to foster a puppy I drove to Seminole (my hometown, where we had adopted Sammy from back in August) and little Max stole my heart. Max was named Axel, but we liked “Max” better and it seemed to fit him. We got him on March 11, and this is his first meeting with Sammy.

Talk about instant bonding! They love each other, and don’t like being separated. If Sammy goes outside alone, Max waits for him by the door until he comes back and then Max barks to let me know that Sammy is ready to come in. If Max whines, Sammy comes running to see what’s wrong! Getting Max has been a real challenge because I had forgotten how much running you have to do with a younger puppy–he was only 10 weeks old when we got him–so potty training is ongoing! They say he is part Great Pyrenees and part German Shepherd. He is very smart and very stubborn.

Max is what they call a “foster fail”–that means, he is not going to be a foster any more because he is adopted! We are so glad to have these sweet boys in our lives!  

Jeannie Watt

My Newest Release!


I’m excited to announce that the third book of my Men of the Marvell Ranch series with Tule Publishing will release on April 8th. I’ll be doing a drop in on that day at the Tule Book Club on Facebook. There will be a Montana-themed prize given so if you’re interested, please check out the invite page.

Challenging the Cowboy is the story of Zach, the oldest Marvell brother, who took over ranch operations when he was fifteen years old, following the death of his father. Zach is the unquestioned boss of the Marvell Ranch and he’s used to giving orders and having them followed without question. Enter the heroine, Finley James, Zach’s new sister-in-law’s sister, who is not afraid to tell him the bald truth whenever necessary. Unfortunately, after telling him a lot of truths, she finds herself in a position where she has to ask him for a job.

Let the games begin….

I so enjoyed writing this book and giving these two hard-headed characters their happy ever after. Please check out the pre-order links here if you’re interested in Zach and Finley’s story. [Note–there is a bit of heat in this book and some instances of language. My next sweet romance comes out in October. Stay tuned for updates!]

Kit Morgan


The First 7 books of my Holiday Mail-Order Bride Series is now in a boxed set!

Here’s your chance to have a rip-roaring good time with these romances set around some of your favorite holidays! You can get it on Amazon


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Where Bustles and Spurs Meet

The thought of bustles and spurs and how at odds the two things can be just makes me smile.

I love (LOVE) writing about cowboys and anytime I can work in the jingling of spurs, even better! 

I also love writing about unlikely couples. You know the type… it might be city versus country or uptight versus laid-back. 

One book in particular, Crumpets and Cowpies, was such fun for me to write because the couple was about as opposite as they could be. She was an English Lady. He was a rough rancher from Eastern Oregon. How in the world could these two find common ground let alone fall in love? 

Well, that’s part of the joy of writing for me. 

In this story, Lady Jemma despises the rough cowboy who’s shown up on her doorstep. She’s as proper as they come and refuses to put up with what she views as his insufferable ideas and overbearing disposition. 

Thane Jordan is called to England to settle his brother’s estate only to discover he’s inherited much more than he expected. To claim his inheritance, he has to put up with the fussy, tightly-laced Lady Jemma. 

Here’s a fun little scene that illustrates how well the two of them get along:

“There’s one more thing we need to discuss.” Thane smirked in the familiar way that both aggravated and excited her as she looked at him again.

“What might that be?”

“This…” Thane reached behind her, grabbing her bustle and giving it a gentle tug. She sucked in a gulp of air at his outlandish behavior. “Has got to go.”

At her abhorrent glare, he let go of the bustle and took a step back, although his grin broadened. “You can’t work on a ranch with that thing flopping around behind you. You can dress however you like when we go into town, but for life on the ranch, you need to put it away. While I’m on that subject, you can’t go around with your corset laced so tight it makes you faint.”

She glared at him. “I did not faint.”

“You came darn close and I won’t have you putting your health in danger just to make an already tiny waist smaller. You can wear it, if you insist, just don’t lace it so tight. Since you’re going to be getting new clothes, make sure you get them to fit with the corset loosened.”

Jemma trembled with fury as she stood in front of him, about to combust with anger. She couldn’t believe he would dare converse about such personal, sensitive topics as her bustle and corset.  “You, sir, are a…”

“Save it, Jem. Unless you can invent some new words to call me, I’ve heard it before.”

Thane gave her bustle another tug as he walked by, returning outside to where he’d been hammering horseshoes at the forge.

You can find Crumpets and Cowpies along with the other Baker City Brides stories on Amazon here:

To enter for a chance to win a digital copy of the prelude to the Baker City Brides series along with the first three books, just post your answer to this question: 

If you were Lady Jemma, what would you do?

Set aside your bustle or continue to wear it?

The Music of Spurs by Linda Broday

I’m happy to kick off this Bustles and Spurs week. I just love writing everything about cowboys but especially the little visual details that can add so much to a story. The smooth way they walk. The way they talk—from the hard edge they add to their voice when they have to—to the quiet, gentle words reserved for their lady, kids, and animals. Then there are the sounds—the slap of leather chaps against their legs, their boot heels striking a wooden boardwalk.

Most of all, the clink of their spurs. Oh man! I love that music.

I began thinking about spurs and here are some facts that you might find interesting.

* The earliest spurs found go back to Julius Caesar and his Roman soldiers. Who knew?

* The type of metal used in those early spurs once indicated rank. Gold or gilded spurs were reserved for knights or royalty. Hence the expression, “earn your spurs.”

* The part of the spur that makes noise is the rowel that spins when the cowboy walks. The rowel is also the part he uses to make the horse do what he wants.

* The ornate Spanish influence is still evident today.

* Spurs from the second to about the fifteenth century were buried with their owners which is why few remain today.

* Any knight who failed to remove his spurs inside a church had them confiscated and had to pay a fine to get them back.

* The U.S. Cavalry uniform required boots and spurs and they were also worn during the Civil War. These were made of brass, slightly curved, with a small rowel, black straps, and a brass buckle.

* Today, artisan spurs are big business and depending on what they’re decorated with can be quite expensive. I recently saw a pair online selling for $925. Can you imagine?

* Sometimes cowboys attach jinglebobs to their spurs for even more noise.

I have a new book coming April 30 – SAVING THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE – #2 of Outlaw Mail Order Brides series. Jack Bowdre has been arrested and on his way to jail in a stagecoach the marshal flags down. The only other passenger is Lenora Kane who’s on her way to marry a man sight unseen. When the coach wrecks, Jack finds himself handcuffed to Lenora and they’re running for their lives, afoot, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and five days to safety. This has danger, suspense, humor, and romance and available for preorder.


Leave a comment mentioning some detail about a cowboy that really adds to what you love about him. Maybe it’s a bead of sweat trickling down his neck or the way he tips his hat to the ladies. Something small that gives you that tingle. You know the one. I’m giving away a western movie called Forsaken starring Kiefer and Donald Sutherland. It’s really good. I’m also giving a $10 Amazon gift card to another winner. Drawing will be Saturday.



It’s Yee-Haw Day!!

Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Pam Crooks

I’ve been asked to kick off a sweet historical romance series, BACHELORS AND BABIES!  Each book will feature a baby left on a bachelor’s doorstep.  My book is TRACE, and it’ll be out in June, 2019.  




Karen Witemeyer

Cover Reveal – I just received the cover for my Harvey House Brides novella collection that will be releasing in November. I’m loving the updo on the model and the iconic Harvey House uniform. Yee-Haw!


Mary Connealy

I’ve got a new book releasing!


Penny Scott and John McCall are taken against their will by a shadowy figure looking for evidence they don’t have, both realize they’ve stumbled into something dangerous and complicated. With their friends and family desperately searching for them, Penny and John must make a daring escape.

When they emerge back into the real world, they are confronted with a kidnapper who just won’t stop. They must bring a powerful, ruthless man to justice, even as this city man and country woman fight a very inconvenient attraction to each other.


I don’t have any book news this month, but I since it’s February, I wanted to share a picture of our “VALENTINE”–SWEET SEMINOLE SAM!  This is our new little rescue dog we adopted in August after our big boy, Embry, passed on. Sammy came from a shelter in my hometown of Seminole, Oklahoma, so my husband gave him the name–SWEET SEMINOLE SAM (but we just call him Sammy!) I love to use animals in my writing, and I have a feeling this little love bug is going to appear in my next book…someway, somehow!

Below is a picture of him when he first came to live with us at “about” age 6-7 months in his first “very-own” bed.  On the right is a more recent picture taken in January. He is our forever Valentine!

We’re not sure what kind of dog he is–we think part retriever because of his tail and his “tracking skills”–and maybe part Rottweiler because of his face shape–but he can run like the wind and move like greased lightning! So I’m thinking part “some kind” of cattle dog. What do you think? Any ideas? Whatever he is, he is a “love dog” and so special to us!


Linda Broday

The cover of my April 29 book, #2 in my Outlaw Bride series!

AMAZON  |  B&N  |  iTunes  


Jeannie Watt

I’m heading off the the 30th Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo in two days. It’s a great gathering of working cowboys and cowgirls who compete as teams. I’m very excited, because this is my old stomping grounds and I’m hoping to see a lot of my old friends there. Some may even be competing. I can’t wait!


Ruthy Logan Herne

I’ve got two great things to tell you, YEE HAW!!!!! First, on 2/26 (TOMORROW) my brand new full-length historical is releasing, a prairie romance that just makes me smile to think about it!!!! Kindle edition releases this week, and the paperback version will be next week. I’m so excited!!!! Here’s the link to this beautiful historical western prairie romance! 

Sober businessman Seb Ward may have come from a wealthy lumber-baron family in Minnesota, but he knows that appearances can be deceiving, and that his illustrious family is pretty dysfunctional. Being in another state has provided the buffer he sought from his father’s misdeeds, but when a little boy shows up on a train… a little boy who looks enough like Seb to be his own child… Seb’s faced with a dilemma. Raise the boy as his own, or let his mother suffer the embarrassment of “a brother by another mother.” And when the boy takes a shine to the Rachel Eichas, the newly contracted school teacher, Seb can’t help but do the same. But Rachel was raised by an unloving, business-first father and there’s no way she’s looking for those same qualities in a husband. Can she see through Seb’s focus and drive to find the loving man within?



And then there’s this beautiful cover reveal for my June/July Love Inspired book


Nez Perce horse breeder Isaiah Woods can’t believe his only ally in helping a neglected Appaloosa mare is the descendant of his family’s bitter enemy—veterinarian Charlotte Fitzgerald. Despite the feud, Charlotte risks everything to save the horse. But as she falls for Isaiah—and the orphaned niece and nephew in his care—the mare isn’t the only one who needs saving.



Kit Morgan

Yee-Haw I have a new release coming March 1st! Many of you have been following the Widows of Wildcat Ridge and my second book in this multi-author series, Claire, is coming soon! She’s feisty and lets folks know what she thinks. But when a stranger comes to town and knows her better than she knows herself will she admit he’s right? After all, the man is too good to be true!


Join the fun and discover why so many folks are loving this series!

You can find Claire here on Amazon

Margaret Brownley

Here is the cover of my next book, the second in my Haywire Brides series:

His first mistake was marrying her; his second was falling in love….




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The fillies are busy gals, not only with their writing but with their families, too. And that means having lots of news to share.


All kinds of news!


Once a month, we’ll be posting news that make us holler YEE-HAW!


We know you will, too!


Our first Yee-Haw day is tomorrow. 


Stop by and see what we’re excited about!


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It’s Game Day!!

Hello, Winnie Griggs here, and I’m excited to welcome you to our very first official game day, something we plan to do once a month going forward.

To kick things off, I thought we’d play something fun but relatively simple – a game of Caption This

Because I’m indecisive, I’m going to give you two choices of photos to play with. Look at the photos below and provide a caption for one or both, indicating which one your caption goes with. They can be witty, funny, poingant – whatever strikes your fancy.   That’s it – easy peasy!




I can’t wait to see what all you creative folks can come up with!  The prize will be winner’s choice of any 2 books from my back list, along with this fun little magnetic cowboy poet kit.

So let the games begin!!

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New at P & P—GAME DAY!


The fillies are excited to announce something new

in our monthly schedule!


Game Day!


Yep!  Just like it sounds.  Once a month, we’ll play a game that we promise will be easy and FUN. 


Even better, the winner(s) gets a prize!


Our first Game Day starts tomorrow.


Hope you’ll join in.  See you then!



A Christmas Tale ~ Filly Style!

‘Twas the night before Christmas in this Junction of ours.

The sky over the prairie was ablaze with bright stars.


Our boots were lined up by the fire with care,

In hopes that Old Santa Claus soon would be there.


Felicia’s ornery mule napped snug in the barn

Whilst our visiting guest was spinning a yarn.


O’course, Kathryn in her wool socks and Karen W in her cap

Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.


When out in the corral there arose such a noise,

Julie sprang from her bed to see with amazing poise.


Outside the window, there on the barn roof,

Karen K banged open the shutters and near busted a tooth!


The moon was so bright, it near blinded our eyes.

And the snow landed like whippin’ cream coverin’ a pie.


When, what to our hornswaggled sight should appear,

But a covered wagon and eight dusty reindeer!


When she saw the little old driver with red cheeks and nose,

Jeannie flew right to work sweeping dust from his clothes.


He was cheery and bright, a right jolly cowpoke.

Linda  laughed when she saw him. He was her kind of  folk.


Those reindeer, they ain’t docile. What a hissy they threw!

Nearly toppled the wagon, and Old Santa Claus too.


Quicker’n a young’n off to play hookie,

That old geezer came in and asked Kit for a cookie;


Margaret found one and he ate it, so Cheryl got milk.

Then Phyliss presented him with a scarf made of silk.


But Mary, she hung back. We think she was a’feared

‘Cause all night she trembled and her eyes, how they teared.


No worry, Pam told her, the fat guy’s a friend

To us in the Junction and those ’round the bend.


Sure ’nuff, Santa left a package in each Fillies’ boot.

Didn’t matter none to him, they was dusted with soot.


Then somethin’ happened, caught us all by surprise,

Winnie, she showed up with an armload of pies.


We sat down to eat ‘em, and they tasted fine.

Thanks! With all of our deadlines, we hadn’t had time.


Old Santa asked for seconds. Bet that’s why he’s merry.

He tried pumpkin and apple, even pe-can and cherry.


Trish heaped on whipped cream, and still he ate more.

His belly how it swelled! Would he fit out the door?


“It’s my big night,” he declared.  “Only comes once a year.”

Good thing for that, too, or he’d burst, we do fear.


He stifled a burp, and a pipe out it came.

“Smoking’s not good for you,” Shanna exclaimed.


“All that sugar too,” Ruth hollered. “Think of your health,

And think of the children counting on your jolly old self!”


He listened real close and even nodded his head.

Took right to his heart everything they all said.


He tossed that old pipe in the fire with a pop.

“The Missus, she’s been tryin’ to get me to stop.”


With a hearty laugh and a promise to come back,

The Fillies watched that old fella leap up the smokestack.


He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a YEE-HAW,

And away they all flew, like twister-flung straw.


And we heard him exclaim as that team took flight,

“Merry Christmas, you bloggers, and to all a good-night.”


Originally written by Cheryl St.John, Christmas, 2009

Updated by Pam Crooks, Christmas, 2018

Updated: December 18, 2018 — 9:24 pm
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