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Jodi Thomas Has a Winner!

Miss Jodi thanks you all for coming to tell about your quilts. She’s had a hectic, hectic travel schedule in launching Mornings on Main and regrets she couldn’t sit down, prop her feet up, and chat.

Now for the drawing of a print copy of the book…………

The winner is……………………


Congratulations, April! I’m doing the happy dance. Someone will be contacting you so be watching.


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Life Always Looks Better in the Saddle

I know the Easter Bunny has come and hopped away, but one day at my favorite shop, Rustic Ranch, I saw the little guy below and couldn’t resist him for a blog giveaway! Since I had an Easter giveaway, I decided to stick with the theme for the post. While researching old-west Easter traditions—or attempting to because my brain and Google’s are on two different wave lengths—I stumbled across an April 21, 2011 article on The story by Ryan E. Smith was about Shepherd of the Hills Church and them encouraging people to ride to Easter service on horseback!

The article according to Kathy Alonzo says, “…riding around the area—whether it’s to the store, a service, or a local event can be a wonderful experience.” Then it mentioned that Alonzo is involved in two therapeutic horse programs. Those two things got me thinking how my characters often find the world looks better on horseback. In fact, at least one of my heroes has utter almost exactly those words.

Many animals, particularly horses and dogs, have healing properties we haven’t begun to understand. Equestrian programs help people suffering from traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, and other physical, mental, social or emotional challenges. If horseback riding can help with these major life difficulties, think of what it could do for day-to-day stresses. On their website, Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding, the organization that assisted with my research for Roping the Rancher, says, “To anyone who has been smitten by the calm I’ve-seen-it-all gaze of a horse, or who has stood beside a horse and believed the horse was literally seeing into her soul, the concept of horse-as-healer is not a great stretch.”

In my stories my characters often have a connection with the land around them and have a sense of the Old West heritage. Not only that, but they frequently learn how this connection, along with one to animals changes a person for the better. Technology is wonderful and has improved our lives in countless ways, but there needs to be a better balance between old and new. Maybe we should do more of what Shepherd of the Hills Church did and encourage people to ride a horse to ride to church.

Not all of us have access to a horse, but there are other options that we aren’t using in our society. Families used to live closer together and when Mom and Dad had to work, grandparents were there to help with children. Everyone benefited. No one was alone. That reminded me of an episode of The Middle where Patricia Heaton’s character Frankie wonders why we have separate animal shelters, nursing homes and daycare centers. She talks about how all three groups would benefit from spending time together. I’ve often thought so, too.

My recommendation today is for everyone today to spend time with a young person. Pet a dog or cat. Or, if you’re lucky and have access to a horse, saddle up! Ride to the store, or just around the countryside. No matter what your problems are, I’m betting life will look a lot better after you do.

Now leave me a comment for a chance to win my Easter giveaway!

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Regina Scott Has a Winner!

Thanks to Miss Regina we are now in high fashion. That was fun! Come back again soon.

And now the drawing………………..

Winner of the autographed copy of Frontier Matchmaking Bride is…..


Oh, Tonya Cherry, I’m dancin’ a jig for you! Miz Regina will contact you for your address so be watching!


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Barbara Scott Has Winners!

Good Sunday morning, everyone. Huge thanks for Miss Barbara for visiting. Oh my, what a good time!

And she was so generous to give two e-copies of Dreams of My Heart!

So let’s get to the drawing……………….

The random winners are…………………



I’m kicking up my heels for you ladies! You’re gonna love this. Miss Barbara will be in touch so be watching for her email.

Wishing everyone a very good week!

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