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Spuds and Spurs Winners!


We are thrilled to announce our two FINAL winners for our

September Special Week!


Lay’s 40 count Potato Chip Variety Pack goes to …

Melanie Backus


Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head goes to …

Tonya Lucas




We had a wonderful week having fun with potatoes, including

recipes.  It could not have been so successful if it

hadn’t been for each of our readers and those who left comments!

Melanie and Tonya, please watch your email for information

on how to claim your prize!

Again, major congratulations!


Updated: September 28, 2019 — 4:31 pm

Carolyn Brown Will Visit Friday!

Yippee! The incomparable Miz Carolyn Brown is set to visit Friday, September 20, 2019

What happens when a headstrong Irish lass runs into a freewheeling Texas cowboy? Don’t you know sparks will fly!

Miz Carolyn knows exactly how to do that.

She’s toting an autographed copy of her brand new Christmas book to give away.

Does that get you excited? Sure bet it does.

Follow the trail to the Junction come Friday and make yourselves at home.

Updated: September 17, 2019 — 5:16 pm

Linda Hubalek Will Visit on Friday!

Miss Linda Hubalek has saddled up and will ride in on Friday, September 13, 2019!

She’s got a brand new series to tell us about. It’s exciting.

What happens when a bunch of brides wind up with the wrong grooms?

I don’t know but I’ll bet it’s lots of fun.

Miss Linda is toting an ebook of Maisie Swaps Her Groom for one lucky person.

Come early or come late– just show up to welcome her.

And then settle back and enjoy the party.

Updated: September 4, 2019 — 2:23 pm

Zina Abbott Returns to the Junction!

This Friday, September 6, 2019 we welcome historical romance author Miss Zina Abbott back.

Do you like real pieces of history incorporated into the stories you read? I daresay we all do. Miss Zina is going to talk about that.

And she’s toting an e-copy of her book to give away!

Come and join us for the party.

We’ll have more fun than you can shake a stick at.

All you have to do is show up and help us welcome Miss Zina.

Updated: September 4, 2019 — 2:11 pm

Patricia PacJac Carroll Heads Our Way!

Guess what? Historical Inspirational writer Miss Patricia PacJac Carroll will arrive Friday, August 30, 2019!

Do you like stories where good people are good and bad ones bad? Where you don’t have to wonder which side they fell? Miss Patricia is going to talk about that.

And she’s toting an ebook to give away!

It’s gonna be a fun time in the corral.

Bring your curiosity and head over to chat on Friday.

You can prop your feet up on our porch and sip on something cold.

You can bring your pets too. It’s free.


Updated: August 27, 2019 — 3:37 pm

Crystal L. Barnes Will Visit on Friday!

Historical western romance author Miss Crystal Barnes will visit on Friday, August 23, 2019!

What fun we’ll have as she tells us about her latest project and explores the subject of getting roped into things you want no part in.

You’ll be excited to know that she’s toting a print copy of her latest book!

Join the party and show her a big Wildflower Junction welcome.

You’ll be happy you did and we’ll love you for it.

Stay cool, stay safe, and keep reading!


Updated: August 18, 2019 — 10:28 am