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Amy Lillard Pays Us a Visit

Miss Amy Lillard will pay us a visit this weekend and will arrive Friday, February 17, 2017!

How familiar are you with cowboy vocabulary? Miss Amy is going to find out.

She’s toting a print copy of her new book to give away!

This promises to be a heck of a party so get moving.

Follow the trail to the Junction come Friday and join us!


Updated: February 13, 2017 — 5:37 pm


Hi Everybody and thanks for blogging with me today.   Since there’s just 8 of you in contention for the prize and well, it’s a day full of romance and fun, I decided to give each one of you an ebook copy of The Billionaire’s Daddy Test!   Check to see your name on the list and then email me at with the preferred email address and I’ll send you a copy via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Let me know which you use.



Shelley K,  Eliza, Colleen, Janine, Susan P, Joy E, DebraG and PatriciaB!




Happy  Valentine’s Day!!  And don’t forget to look for my newest release Taming the Texas Cowboy!

Best Wishes,


Taming the Texas Cowboy











Updated: February 9, 2017 — 10:18 pm

We Have A Winner for Karen Kay’s Free Give-Away of the Tradepaper copy of SENECA SURRENDER


Yes, we do have a winner for the Tradepaper copy of SENECA SURRENDER, and that winner is:


Congratulations to Susan and a hearty thank you to all of you who came to the blog today and who left a comment.  I so love to hear from you all.  Susan, please contact me at karenkay(dot)author(at)earthlink(dot) net.

Thanks again!

Updated: February 8, 2017 — 10:23 pm

Sondra Kraak Comes to Visit

Miss Sondra Kraak will pay us a visit on Friday, January 27, 2017!

Yippee! We’ll roll out the welcome mat and give her big howdy. You can help us. Miss Sondra writes historical romance and loves her cowboys.

She’s toting some books to giveaway too!

Come Friday or Saturday, drag your lazy bones over here and join the party.

This is gonna be fun!


Updated: January 23, 2017 — 10:06 am

Change Comes Again To The Corral

Change is inevitable, I’m sad to say. People come and go but, on the bright side, it keeps us from becoming stale. We’re heartbroken to announce that Tracy Garrett will post her goodbye blog on January 29th. Tracy has been a member of our little family for a very long time. It’s an understatement that we’ll miss her. But we never want to hold her back. She’s going to be doing some exciting things and publishing more fantastic books. We wish her all the luck and success in the world and we know you do too. Give her a howdy and wave real big when you meet her on the trail. She’ll like that.


Joining us is an awesome lady and very talented writer. Trish Milburn spent a good many years living in Kentucky and Tennessee but now makes her home in Florida where she never hopes to see another snowflake again. She wrote her first novel in the 6th grade for a class project. I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully impressed. She’s published in multi-genres but currently writes modern cowboy stories for Harlequin American Romance. Trish does love her cowboys so she’ll fit in here like a Colt in a gunslinger’s holster! Yee-haw! Her latest book is The Cowboy Takes a Wife (part of her successful Blue Falls, Texas series.) Her first post will be on Monday, January 30, 2017. Help us roll out the welcome mat and show her some good old hospitality.

Come and give Tracy a big send-off on the 29th and a hearty welcome to Trish on the 30th. You’re welcome to bring a cake. The Fillies are always ready to eat! I might break out some of my special cider. 🙂

Updated: January 21, 2017 — 5:39 pm

Janet Chester Bly Will Visit on Friday!

Award-winning author Ms Janet Chester Bly will arrive here on Friday, January 20, 2017!

Have you ever heard of Goldfield, Nevada? She’s going to tell us about this historic town.

Ms Janet’s also toting a copy of her latest book to a give away!

Cozy down by the fire and blaze a trail to the Junction.

Get ready for the fun. We’ll have a party!



Updated: January 17, 2017 — 10:28 am

Anne Schroeder Comes to the Junction!

We’re very happy to welcome Miss Anne Schroeder on Friday,  January 13, 2017!

Inspirational historical fiction and Anne are synonymous. She loves telling stories of yesteryear. Maria Ines is one and you’ll see where Miss Anne got the story.

She’s toting a giveaway too!

Come over on Friday and help us welcome her.

It’ll be fun and you might win a copy.


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