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If you’re speaking of fiction, then the answer, if not the skill, is easy.  It’s writing compelling fiction.  That’s fiction that readers want to read, and who’ll compliment the writer or novel with “I couldn’t put it down.”  That’s compelling, and in my estimation, the finest compliment I, or any writer, can get. So, what […]

My heroes are all wounded.  Not just emotionally, but physically, as well.  Being a hero in a Cheryl Pierson story is like being an expendable member of the landing party on Star Trek.  If you had on a red shirt when you beamed down to the planet’s surface, you could pretty well figure you weren’t […]

  Hello Darlings, Renowned western author Mr. Larry Martin has strapped on his spurs and is riding for the Junction. He’ll arrive on Saturday. Mr. Martin has plenty of experience in the writing field and will share some of the ins and outs of writing compelling fiction. If you have burning questions about what goes […]

An American Hero

Good Morning!  Hope you are one and all doing well on this beautiful Tuesday. War.  Probably more crimes are perpetuated in our world today than all the crimes in the world combined because of what to me is a worldwide insanity.  Interestingly enough, although many of my titles include the word, Warrior, in most American Indian languages, there […]

Several different weapons, both rifles and handguns, have been dubbed “the gun that won the west.” Like the Colt 1873 Peacemaker, a .45 caliber six-shot revolver; the Winchester Model 1866 “Yellowboy” lever-action repeating rifle, so named for its shiny brass frame; or today’s focus, the Winchester Model 1873 lever-action repeating rifle. Some believe the Winchester […]

This is going to be a casual post. I’m wrapping up a proposal for a new project, so my head is full of editing right now.  I love that part of the writing process.  I get totally obsessed and everything just sort of stops.  That’s why I’m playing catch-up. A box of tax receipts has been staring […]

Writers and Ranchers

You know how sometimes you realize something and wonder why you never really saw it before? That happened to me last week. I was doing a little research for my new book, piecing together my hero’s past, and I had just finished a week of admin. A whole week. And that’s when it hit me. […]

Janet Dean’s Winner!

  Miss Janet thanks everyone who stopped by and put their feet up. She wishes she had books for everyone and regrets she can only give away one copy of WANTED: A FAMILY. I put all the names into my old floppy hat and one popped out…….. JACKIE SMITH I’m doing the happy dance for […]

It’s always exciting to mosey over to Petticoats and Pistols and spend time with the fillies and their terrific friends! And share with you my love of all things historical.  In prior visits, I’ve talked about orphan trains, herbal remedies and mail-order brides. This visit marks the release of my fourth Love Inspired Historical. Wanted: […]

“Mad As A March Hare”

Having blogged last month about groundhogs and quirky associations to the month of February, my mind automatically turned to thoughts of the March Hare for this months post :-) The phrase “Mad as a March hare” has been bumping around in my head for as long as I can remember, but I never took the […]

Janet Dean Returns Saturday

  Hello Darlings, Miss Janet Dean has climbed aboard the stage and will arrive here Saturday. It’s always wonderful when Miss Janet decides to pay us another visit. This time her subject will be old Victorian houses and antique postcards. It’s very interesting. Miss Janet has a new book out called WANTED: A FAMILY. I know […]

The Marshal and The Mountie

In her post of classic western favorites on Monday, Patricia mentioned Bordertown, and a whole slew of memories ran through my head about this fine show that many western fans have never heard of. So I thought I’d investigate a little about a show I so loved.  Bordertown, a Wild Western featuring two lawmen straddling […]


  DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT ASHAMED OF ECONOMY. When I began my newest novella for Be My Texas Valentine, I had to do some research on how laundry was done in the late 1800’s, so I went to my bookcase literally filled with reference books not only on the craft of writing, but […]