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I love Cowboys! It doesn’t matter if they’re contemporary or historical. I love them both. To me there is just something about a nice fittin’ pair of Wrangler jeans on the contemporary cowboy, or a gun holster slung low on the historical cowboy’s hip. And I drool when a cowboy from either era has a […]

The Swamp Angel

Today, we’re going to take a look at another pocket revolver, the “Swamp Angel” rim-fire revolver. The original “Swamp Angel” was an 8-inch 200-pounder muzzle-loading rifled artillery weapon used extensively in the Civil War. The Swamp Angel earned its name when, in preparation for the bombardment of Charleston, South Carolina, in August, 1863, Major General […]

We Have A Winner…

Many thanks to fellow LIH Author Laurie Kingery for filling in for me today . . . I’m looking forward to the “Brides of Simpson Creek” and their mail order grooms!  As promised, Laurie is giving away a copy of Mail Order Cowboy, the first book in the new series.  The winner of today’s drawing is […]

Laurie Kingery’s Winner

  Sounds like everyone was ready to order up a cowboy today! Hee-hee! Ah put all the names in my ten gallon hat and………….. PAT COCHRAN came up the winner! Ah’m dancin’ a jig for you, Pat! Please contact Miss Laurie through her website at and give her your mailing particulars. For the rest […]

  Hello Darlings, Miss Sherry James will make a debut appearance here in the Junction on Saturday. Cowboys are one of Miss Sherry’s favorite heroes and that suits us just fine. We certainly don’t mind expanding on the subject! Hee-Hee! It doesn’t take any arm-twisting to get us in the mood either. We’re always ready […]

It’s good to be back visiting the fillies again. Thanks to Filly Vicki Bylin for graciously letting me use her spot to tell you about my new series, and how it came to be. I’ve always wanted to write a series, even before I started writing inspirational fiction, but now with Love Inspired Historicals I […]

This is a blog I wrote last year for the December 7 anniversary of World War II.  With Veterans’ Day coming up tomorrow tomorrow, I wanted to post it here in honor of veterans of all the wars in the past and present.  This is for all the men, women, and families who have given so […]

  Bless my soul! Ah see Miss Laurie Kingery coming ’round the bend. Miss Laurie will delight and entertain us this Thursday. The dear lady is filling in for Filly Vicki Bylin. We’re gonna miss Miss Vicki but ah know our talented guest will astound us with her facts about the Texas Hill Country. Miss Laurie recently came to do some research […]

A Feel of Yesterday

It’s long been an opinion of mine that unless we as a people know our history, we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over.  Now, aside from the fact that history is often told by the victor — and the fact that there are elements amongst us that would like our […]

Oh, Those Pesky Critters!

One thing I LOVE about living where we do is that there are animals. I’ll admit it – I am so not a city girl. When we first moved here, the pheasants charmed the socks off of yours truly. In the winter, we like walking to the school bus and seeing the different footprints in […]

Linda Ford’s Winner

  Woo-Hoo! This is the favorite part of my job. Ah surely do love announcing winners. This time the winner of Miss Linda’s book is…………… MARY J Ah’m tickled to death for you, Mary J.! Ah know you’ll love reading this. Please send your mailing particulars to Miss Linda at and she’ll get the book right to you. Miss […]

Thanks for having me here again. It’s always great fun. The heroine in my Christmas novella is headed for Banff to work in the sanatorium hospital. I’ve always wanted to set a story in Banff. So far this story is the closest I’ve come. Although the natives had known of the hot springs in the […]

We love to share recipes here at Wildflower Junction. A few months back I was delighted to be invited to take part in a cookbook featuring recipes from 130 authors, which also includes fellow Fillies Elizabeth, Mary, Vicki, and Cheryl St. John. The proceeds from the cookbook go to Snap-4-Kids. With the holidays coming up […]

  Hello Darlings, Woo-Hoo! Miss Linda Ford makes a return to the Junction on Saturday. Ah’m jumping for joy. Ah know you’ll all want to turn out and chat with the dear lady. Miss Linda has a Christmas book coming out called CHRISTMAS UNDER THE WESTERN SKIES. Stories about the holidays really warm the cockles of this old lady’s heart. […]

November is National Novel Writing Month. For those of you who aren’t writers, that means thousands upon thousands of writers are hunkered over their keyboards right now, tallying a word count. There’s a whole website and online community devoted to what is known as Nano-ing. Some years I participate and some I don’t. This year […]

MELISSA!         Please e-mail me at so I can zap your pdf. copy of Christmas for Ransom and the entire Lawmen and Outlaws Christmas Anthology to you! Thanks to everybody who commented. I so appreciate your good wishes!

I didn’t date any bad guys in high school. Matter of fact, I didn’t date much at all, being a dork. (Although in a major coup, after college I married The Football Team Captain/Boyfriend of the Homecoming Queen and it’s lasted for 36 years.)  And I wasn’t attracted to hippies or bikers or Point Break […]

  Hello Darlings, Miss Lyn Cote will be our guest on Saturday and the Fillies are happier than a dog with two bones. The dear lady always has something interesting to say. This time she’ll talk a little about unconventional people in the old West. Plus, Miss Lyn also has a new book out called […]

“Taps” Winner

  Congratulation JUDY H … you are the winner of a gift certificate from Bath and Bodyworks.  Please contact me with your snail mail address at

Story of “Taps”

With Veteran’s Day approaching, I want to share with you a piece of historical trivia that I think we all hold close to our heart … the haunting melody of “Taps”. The song that always gives us a lump in our throat and creates tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind […]

Wyoming and the Vote

With the election tomorrow, I just had to blog about women’s suffrage, especially since it was the western states that first allowed women to vote in America, a fact that always intrigued me. Other Fillies have previously blogged about this, but a reminder never hurts. Efforts to give women the vote started back in 18th century […]