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Donna Alward’s Winner

Hallelujah and pass the dumplings! We have a winner! Denise Congratulations, Denise! Bet you’re grinning from ear to ear at winning HER LONE COWBOY. Please contact Miss Donna at and give her all the particulars about where to mail the book. And for all you, stay tuned for the next book giveaway. You never know when you might win. […]

Hello again and thanks for having me back for another visit! Seems like it wasn’t too long ago and I moseyed in for a chat – come to think of it, it was January and I chatted about my book One Dance With The Cowboy and the rescue ranch that my hero, Drew Laramie, set […]

Congratulations to  . . . Deb Veronica Lisa My email is  When I get your mailing addresses, I”ll send the books.  I hope you each enjoy the story! To order from Amazon, click here:  Kansas Courtship.

Keeping It On The Level

Authors wage a constant battle—besides the one going on with the characters living in their minds: the battle of balance. Keeping life in balance while making a living and getting those pages written. This struggle isn’t exclusive to writers. We all fight the same thing: the family needs more time today, but your schedule is […]

Hello Darlings, Got plans for Saturday? The Fillies do. Miss Donna Alward is coming to call on us here at the Junction! Miss Donna’s looking forward to talking romance and cowboys with us. Yippee! She won’t have to ask me twice. Ah do like to jaw about the handsome devils and what it might take […]

The pub date for my next Love Inspired Historical, Kansas Courtship,  is Tuesday, March 16th. That’s just around the corner.  This is a milestone book for me.  When I sold to Harlequin in February 2002, I never dreamed I’d someday have 10 books to my name.  Well, Kansas Courtship is No. 10! It’s also the book I […]

  As you know, I go along, researching for my books and sometimes I’ll read something and right away, our beloved readers on Petticoats and Pistols come to  mind. And then, me being me, I look at what I’ve found and become inexplicably sarcastic. I’m not sure why I do this. Personally, I blame my […]

We Have A Winner!

Okay, so I write down all the names and have a drawing.  And the winner of the book today is Virginia C.  Congratulations to Virginia C.  Virginia, please email me privately at and give me your snail mail address so that I can send the book to you. Again, congratulations!  I wish you could all […]

American Indian Dress

Good morning or afternoon or evening! As I sit here looking through my many books, I am struck by the beauty of the American Indian style of dress.  But before I begin, I’d like to let you know that once again, I’ll be giving out a free book to some lucky blogger.  Please note that […]

Hello everyone.  I’m coming off of a hectic week.  My local writer’s group, the NOLA STARs, held their annual conference this past weekend (had a great time!), and since I was co-chair of the event I’ve been head’s-down busy for the past several days.  (Side note – fellow filly Tracy Garrett was there so we […]

            Many times I’m asked which genre I like the best–historical or contemporary suspense. Actually I like them both. Each genre is challenging, exciting, and full of possibilities to create a unique story.             I started thinking about historical suspense and how I enjoy incorporating hold-your-breath anticipation into my stories. Yep, partner, I’ve been writing […]

Lucky Irish Clover

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and I can already smell the corn-beef and cabbage–a St.Patrick’s Day must in our house. My hubby is half Irish, though with his fair skin and orange beard, he looks more like a giant leprechaun (he really hates it when I call him that *g*). I have always found […]

Hello Darlings, Saturday’s a coming and it’s bringing Miss DiAnn Mills back. Woo-Hoo! Miss DiAnn sets great store by writing books that grip a reader’s heart. It’s fair to say she has immense talent. The dear lady’s stories are chockfull of hope, faith, and love. She does know a thing or two about spinning a […]

Is anyone else feeling at a bit of a loss this week after seventeen days of Olympic competition have ended? I confess I’m an Olympic junkie—summer or winter. I enjoy most everything, but especially ice skating, snowboarding, curling and gymnastics, and volleyball. I got to thinking about the origins of so many of the sports […]

Not only did the movie Marathon Man instill in me great appreciation for a decent dentist, but also my uncle Albert, my godfather. He started me well on my way to proper oral hygiene when I was five. He had a gentle touch, but I was always in a cold sweat whenever we went to […]

Woo-Hoo, We Have Winners!

The talking is done, the dust has cleared and we have a whole passel of winners. Goldie Hale wins an autographed copy of FIRE EYES Jeanne Sheats wins an autographed copy of TIME PLAINS DRIFTER and Winners of the PDF version of A NIGHT OF MIRACLES are: Martha E Crystal GB Judy Congratulations, Ladies! Now, […]

In the summer of 1909, two young brothers under the age of ten set out to make their own “cowboy dreams” come true.  They rode across two states on horseback.  Alone. It’s a story that sounds too unbelievable to be true, but it is. Oklahoma had been a state not quite two years when these […]

Heart of Stone Winners

What a day! Looks like everyone enjoyed chatting with Jill about what it takes for a book to be called a western. Lots of good answers! I put the names in the fishbowl and here are the results…….. RENEE ESTELLA Congratulations, Ladies! Drop me an email with your mailing address and I’ll forward the info on to […]

A great big “Howdy!” to everyone at Wildflower Junction. It’s great to be passin’ through again as a guest blogger. Always nice to see all of you readers and authors alike. This is a busy March for me. Not only do I have a March 2nd deadline, but a new book coming out tomorrow, too. […]