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All right ladies, get you come chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream. Pull up a chair and be social. Only don’t get too close to these sexy men or they’ll melt your ice cream quicker than cellophane under a heat lamp! We’ve sure got us a passel of lookers and that’s no joke. We want you […]



Reminding everyone about Wildflower Junction’s Ice Cream Social here tomorrow. What’s better than indulging in a sweet confection, socializing, and voting on the sexiest cowboy? Nothing’s better, that’s what. Felicia’s not so old she minds looking at a pretty face and lots of muscles. Shoot, I’m a fair judge of these things! I know handsome […]

Last week my family watched American Idol Gives Back and I really enjoyed seeing my sons’ reactions to all the wonderful causes benefiting from viewer donations and their excitement at being a part of such a massive relief effort–even if on a really small scale. Collectively small contributions can have massive effects. The entertainment industry […]

Hello all you ladies! This Saturday will be a little different and we hope you like it. The Fillies are hosting their first ever Ice Cream Social and brother do we mean social! As everyone knows, going hand-in-hand with a social are games. We’re going to post some pictures of some of the most sexy, gorgeous cowboys […]

Dog-tired at RT . . .

Well, the workshop is done, Jenna is on her way back home–poor girl has a seven-hour drive ahead of her–and Kate and I are kicking back until we can work up the energy to go out for supper.  No faery ball for us, I think.  We’re going to call it an early night and maybe […]

Tired of RT pics yet?

We’re back from lunch, and Jenna and I are relaxing a bit before it’s time to start hauling our give-aways down to the room where our workshop will be held.  This has been RT’s western day.  Helen A. Rosburg sponsored today’s luncheon with an Old West-perfect meal of chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, beans and corn salad.  […]

More from RT!

The breakfast mixer was a nice gathering with plenty of pastries and fresh fruit–except those plates just weren’t big enough, no matter how high I heaped on the goodies, darn it.  :-)   I had the pleasure of sharing the table with a gentleman (his wife was a reader, and he’d graciously offered to drive her […]

Live from Pittsburgh!

Hello, from sunny Pittsburgh!   My thanks to Cheryl for juggling our schedules so that I can blog live from the Romantic Times Convention today.  I’m here to do a workshop later this afternoon with Jenna Kernan and Kate Bridges on “The New Old West:  Grittier and Sexier.”  Hey, promoting western romances is what I […]

I’d wager that an author uses about one to five percent of the research she gathers during the plotting and planning of a story.  Last weekend I did the opening session for the Nebraska Writers Guild’s Spring Conference and I spoke about how to store gathered information and how to integrate it seamlessly into a […]

Beam Me Up, Scottie!

This past weekend I had a writer friend fly into town to speak to our local writing group and she had heck getting here because of the FAA grounding of thousands of planes. It left travelers stranded and scurrying to get alternate flights. Her experience made me think of travel back through the years. None […]

AT LAST . . . THE BOOK IS FINISHED! I’m writing something different this week, because I’m giddy with relief. The work in progress is finished!!! At least the initial stage. No doubt there will be revisions, which is good. It gives me a second chance to fix. But I finally know how it ends. […]

Yea, the Fillies have done it again! Ah do believe this is one of our best contests. Three shelves of goodies! We’re emptying our pantry for your romantic cravings. Autographed books by all the Fillies A pretty red bandana A handsome horse notepad holder 2 in 1 John Wayne DVD 2 John Wayne magnets The Rifleman DVD […]

5 Days! 12 Western Romance Authors! Tons of Prizes! Spring is such a lovely time of the year. The birds are singing, flowers blooming, and romance is in the air. The Fillies are delighted to bring you an exciting week of fun and prizes. Mark your calendar!

I fell into writing westerns quite by accident. In fact, in all my pre-published manuscripts, not a single one starred a cowboy or rancher. Which, when I look back now, is a little surprising. I mean I grew up on a farm – though not livestock. I grew up on an apple farm in New […]

Don’t you be forgettin’ our guest tomorrow. Miss Donna Alward will talk some on the subject of writing westerns. Ah do know how you like that subject. Come by and have some tea and cookies. Sit down and stay a spell. You never know what you’ll miss!

Oh, I forgot to mention in my blog today to keep a look out for our brand spanking new contest. It’ll be here soon and you won’t want to miss it!

I have to admit that I’m hooked on the Biggest Loser reality show.  When I first heard of it, I thought, “No way, I’m watching that.”  I had preconceived notions I must admit.  And then I watched one episode.   And boy, what a powerful, inspiring, heartwrenching 2 hours a night it is.   I’m amazed that I […]

Games of Chance

Folks in the Old West didn’t have movies, radio or TV.  Music and theatrical performances had to be enjoyed on the spot.  Even books were rare treasures in many parts of the country.  So what was the most popular form of amusement?  Bet you can’t guess (that’s a hint). Right!  It was gambling! Gambling was […]

Donna Alward on Saturday!

For heaven’s sake! Our Saturday guest is coming from quite a distance! Miss Donna Alward, a Canadian and our neighbor to the north, will be arriving in Wildflower Junction to talk about one of our favorite subjects – writing westerns. Ah do hope you sweet darlings will mosey by to join in the discussion. The Fillies would surely […]

A Marriage of Convenience—a classic device in romance writing because you need to stick your hero and heroine together, then find a way to give them a conflict big enough to keep them apart, while they’re stuck together. So, a marriage between two people who aren’t in love (yet) works perfectly. My novel Petticoat Ranch […]

The reader who will be getting autographed copies of Stay With Me and Stay With Me is….. Jeanne Sheats!  Yee haw!  Jeanne, please send your address to Beverly at:

The Child & Native America!

Good Morning! Hope you are all having a fabulous April.  Did anyone get caught with some good ole April Fools jokes this year?  I’m afraid that I’m away from home and so missed the usual fun of April Fools this year.  And how are y’all doing on your taxes?  This is also Tax month.  Anyone planning […]

Big News!!

Dear Darlings, do we have a treat for you that’s making big news around Wildflower Junction! The Fillies are bubbling with joy and we definitely think you will too.  It’s happening from April 28th to May 2nd and we’re calling it Spring Author Round-Up. 5 Days of fun! 12 Guest Authors — a lineup like you’ve never seen! […]

Is it just me or does everybody spend valuable time rereading books that they’ve read once, twice, or many times before?   It’s not as if I don’t have anything new to read.  My stack of to-be-read books is no longer a stack, it’s more like a large pile that continues to grow at an […]